#1LinerWeds from Facebook

Kristen Lamb reposted this from a Facebook group called The Last Laugh. I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment.

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word from Betty Furness for Westinghouse.

15 thoughts on “#1LinerWeds from Facebook

  1. Wow! I had never seen a TV like that with the magnifying feature! I do remember having a black and white TV but we had a separate stereo/radio cabinet. We kept our alcohol in the kitchen. Thanks John!


  2. Never seen one of these in real life. Stereo consoles, yes. Grandad had one with a radio and turntable and liquor and storage. I remember lying beneath it 🙂 Good memories.


    1. I think everyone’s family had something like this. TV’s and record players were as much a part of the furniture as electronics back then. When Mom replaced the stereo we had gotten from my uncle, my stepfather gutted the old one and built a shelf for the new one, because it was a nice piece of furniture. He also converted the cabinet for our old TV into a bar, just took the electronics out.

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        1. Exactly. My bedroom furniture from when I was a kid was my mother’s from when she was a kid, and currently it’s in my house. Stuff is gorgeous, bird’s-eye maple, at least eighty years old and still in great shape. Mom stripped the old finish off one summer and revarnished it. You don’t get furniture like that anymore.

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  3. I don’t know about you, but I almost screamed at the screen, “Get your fingers off the vinyl!!!” 😛 We had a piece of furniture/stereo. The last one my dad bought had an eight track.


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