The Friday 5×2: Your Destination Songs, 2

Here’s the second installment of destination songs you chose.

  1. Bob Dylan, “Mississippi” Biker Chick recommended this one. It first appeared on his 2001 album Love And Theft. This is a live version recorded in Central Point, Oregon in October of that year.
  2. Johnny Cash, “Galway Bay” Uncle Jack had suggested we could find a whole bunch of songs with destinations in Ireland in them, and this is another example of one. There are actually two versions of this one, one more popular in Ireland, and this one, written by Dr. Arthur Colahan in 1947 and recorded by many, probably most famously by Bing Crosby.
  3. Willie Nelson, “Georgia on A Fast Train” Janet suggested the song “Georgia” by Willie Nelson, and I found two that included the name of the Peach State. This is a live version that features Toby Keith and Joe Walsh.
  4. Willie Nelson & Ray Charles, “Georgia On My Mind” This is the other song with “Georgia” in the title. Those of us who live in Georgia tend to think of Ray Charles’ iconic version, which Geogia Public Broadcasting would play at signoff, back in the olden days when they signed off. By chance, I found a version that had both Willie and Ray.
  5. Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Sweet Home Alabama” Arlee suggested this. I was going to say it might be Skynyrd’s most famous tune, then I remembered “Free Bird.” A local station, which used to play “classic rock” (the same songs, practically in the same order, every day), did this one around 9:30 every morning. Now they play music by boy bands. Serves ’em right.
  6. Marc Bolan and T. Rex, “Dandy In The Underworld” Annalisa surprised me with this one, because T. Rex was popular when I was in high school. This is a live-on-TV version of the title track from their 1977 album. Tragically, Marc Bolan died later that year in a car accident.
  7. Billy Joel, “Allentown” Janie suggested this. From his 1982 album The Nylon Curtain, this was released as a single the following year and reached #17 on the Hot 100.
  8. Pablo Cruise, “A Place In The Sun” Mark came up with this. It was the title track from their 1977 third album. As a single, it only reached #42, but it’s one of their more popular songs anyway.
  9. Fats Domino, “Walkin’ To New Orleans” Eugenia thought of this. Bobby Charles wrote this for his idol, and Fats liked it, with a few minor modifications. The strings were added as an afterthought, and they really added a lot to the song. This reached #6 on the Pop chart and #2 on the R&B chart in 1960.
  10. Joni Mitchell, “Woodstock” Guitarspotting suggested this, and said either the version by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young or the one by Joni Mitchell would be all right. Personally, I like Joni’s version better: it’s slower and more jazzy.

And that’s this week’s edition of The Friday 5×2. Next week, even more destination songs.

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