The Midpoint Of July Week That Was

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The Week That Was

I’m trying the Linux WordPress editor, which runs separately from the browser, because although it’s the ugly blue, the delay is gone. Anyway, it’s time for the weekly summary…

It was a freebie day on Monday, so I featured ten of your “destination” songs. On Friday for the 5×2, I featured ten more. I still have quite a few, but won’t feature them tomorrow, because we have a theme for tomorrow: European favorites. Should be fun. Be sure not to miss it.

Much to the chagrin of some of you, I featured The Partridge Family on Tuesday. Those of us who remember the TV show and the songs (which were sung by David Cassidy, with backup vocals by his stepmom, Shirley Jones) have a certain fondness for those days. As I commented to someone, those of us who had a less-than-stellar social life during those years had Laurie Partridge and Marcia and Jan Brady to keep us company on Friday nights (and for the girls, Greg and Bobby Brady and Keith and Danny Partridge).

I borrowed an image quote that said nice things about the old entertainment centers from the Fifties and Sixties (the ones with the TV, AM/FM radio, turntable, and liquor cabinet) as opposed to flat-screen TVs and the like today. Visual and sound quality might be better on the equipment today, but you couldn’t beat the old entertainment centers as pieces of furniture. We had several discussions about the quality of furniture then versus the quality of furniture now. In the past, stuff was made to last…

I wrote about the two World Series champions I’ve been able to celebrate, the 1995 Atlanta Braves and the 2005 Chicago White Sox, and about being a baseball fan in general. Uncle Jack, one of my influences in choosing the White Sox to root for, lamented that the ChiSox are in the midst of a rebuild. True that, but now that I think about it, they’ve been in a rebuild most of the years I’ve followed them. Rebuilding a baseball team, when the team’s management realizes that the team they have has no chance of winning and they need to reboot, is generally undertaken when the general manager of the team has made so many stupid decisions that he gets fired and they bring someone in that has to start by getting rid of anyone that can’t help the team in the immediate future and restocking the farm system with as many high-quality prospects as they can accumulate. It’s hard to be patient, though…


We were supposed to use the title of the most-recent book we’ve read as the prompt for the stream of consciousness post. The books I read don’t have fun titles, by which I mean the kind of titles I can have fun writing about. So I found a book among the ones Amazon was recommending for Mary called Playing With Fire. I was a dangerous little bastard when I was a kid, that’s all I’ll say about that.


Voting is currently open for my latest Battle of the Bands, which pits two songs called “Galway Bay” against each other. I’ll post the results on Saturday, so get your votes in before then.

Yes, I promised you a quiz or meme or whatever you call it, and I got the first draft written. I’m rethinking some of the questions so the answers don’t require an essay. Apart from that, nothing special is planned, though tomorrow’s Monday’s Music Moves Me will be interesting, and as I’m reaching the end of the list of people who were popular during my high school years, I’ll be featuring someone from the top six on Tuesday. My eyes are peeled for more funny stuff for One-Liner Wednesday, I have prompts for Thursday’s Writer’s Workshop, I’ll be doing more destination songs on Friday, and Linda hasn’t given us the prompt yet, so you’ll just have to wait and see what I come up with for Saturday. Plus, the results of my latest Battle of the Bands.

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

8 thoughts on “The Midpoint Of July Week That Was

  1. I’m sure you’ve seen the notices to update your account for third party browsers, but just in case…in my email from you it showed up on two of your photobucket pictures but when I clicked over to this site, it is only there once. The Monday Music Moves Me showed up here but not in my email. I know you can figure out what I’m talking about 🙂 Have a great Sunday!


    1. I had no idea what you were talking about, but I figured out that a couple of the badges are hosted on Photobucket. It still doesn’t tell me much, but that’s Photobucket for you. Maybe I’ll just upload the images to WordPress and be done with it….

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  2. Even though they were huge pieces of furniture, those consoles did sound great. Always looking forward to the Monday music posts. I was preparing for our trip and we left on Saturday for 8 hr jaunt to Quebec. We are now stationed at my hubby’s aunt’s house right on The Richelieu River which is beautiful and so relaxing. I will be able to listen to the BOTB sometime today:)


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