Two For Tuesday: Apollo 100 and Hot Butter

As I mentioned the other day, I plan on doing bands from my high school days through the end of August, at which time I’ll move on to a new theme. (If you have any ideas for a new theme, by all means, I’m open to suggestions.) I’ll count down the five acts that were most popular in August, but for this post and the next, I want to feature a couple of “one-hit wonders” that I especially liked.

One of them is Apollo 100. They were a British instrumental band led by multi-instrumentalist Tom Parker who had one hit in 1972, “Joy,” a rendering of Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring.” It spent four weeks in the Top Ten, peaking at #6.

The other is Hot Butter, led by keyboardist Stan Free. They had a novelty hit in 1972 with “Popcorn,” a synthpop song which displayed the capabilities of the Moog Synthesizer. It was a cover of composer Gershon Kingsley’s 1969 song. It spent four weeks in the Top Ten, peaking at #9.

Neither Apollo 100 nor Hot Butter lasted very long. Apollo 100 broke up in 1973 after having released two albums, while Hot Butter released five albums and lasted through 1978. They recorded some good music, much of which is available on YouTube.

Apollo 100 and Hot Butter, your Two for Tuesday, July 18, 2017.

14 thoughts on “Two For Tuesday: Apollo 100 and Hot Butter

  1. Hey, John! Seeing this post – you might like participating in my Monday Challenge – Manic Mondays. What would high school have been like without music! It so defined cliques of groups. In the 80/90’s The New Wavers, the Head Bangers, The Punks, The Skaw Rude Boys, The Goths. I’m thinking in the 60’s/70’s it would have been the Dead Heads, the stoners and such?


  2. I receive your blog posts the following morning, John, so these two were my morning wake-ups! I played them for my husband, so we could both share our memories. Thank you!


  3. I didn’t remember the names of these two groups, but as soon as I started playing their hits, I said, Oh, yeah. They didn’t really stick with me, I guess.



    1. I do that, where I’ll remember the song but not remember the group. Sometimes I’m surprised by who did a given song. There were several insrumentals that made the Top 40 in the Seventies, but those are the only two that made the Top 10. I don’t even think “A Fifth of Beethoven” or “Frankenstein” got that high on the charts.


  4. Oh my, Pop Ron brings me back and was such a hit…and always wanted me to eat popcorn after:) what about doing music hits from when your parents were in high school or that age? Keep it in the ancestry style??


    1. Good thought. They started high school in 1946, and that whole ten-year period, between the end of World War II and the dawn of rock & roll, was an interesting time musically in popular, country, and blues. Thanks!


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