Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Check Your Attic…

Not knowing what to do with a prompt of “sealing/ceiling,” I askd my friend DuckDuckGo to find stories with “ceiling” in the title. Immediately, it brought me to this story

May 18 (UPI) — A Georgia woman had a massive beehive removed from her home after learning about 120,000 bees had been living in her ceiling.

Evidently, she heard buzzing and saw bees flying around outside her house. She called a bee service who came into the house and took a section of her ceiling out. Here’s a short video of what they found there…

Apparently the hive weighed about 120 pounds, contained 60 pounds of honey, and housed around a hundred twenty thousand bees. The company was able to capture and relocate all the bees, and apparently the guy who caught them is going to give the lady some of the honey, but man, that’s scary. Thank heaven Decatur is the other side of town from me.


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(I was hoping they’d show Little Debbie Honey Buns… oh well…)

13 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Check Your Attic…

  1. The bees are about as scary as the lady who discovered someone had been living in her attic without her knowledge–maybe scarier.

    I once knew a girl named Debbie who had some sweet honey buns.

    Tossing It Out

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  2. I’m shuddering at that story. I once saw a swarm of bees attach itself to a tree that I and many other people had to walk past – it wasn’t a pleasant experience, head down and speed walk past.


  3. I had to go to YouTube to watch it and I hope I watched the right one. No matter because holy beehive batman! I would expect she had to have found bees in her home for quite a while. The cost must have been huge


  4. Holy Cow! Or Oh my bees knees?? My friend had bees in her bathroom wall and were migrating further into the home. She said she kept hearing something and then indicated it was kind of a process to get them out and seal up the entry point. So weird!


  5. I’m glad they were able to relocate them. My husband would love it if we had bees. (He took a beekeeping class and has kept bees before.) He’d have to move them out to the back yard. WAY back in the back-est part.

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  6. Wow. That is scary. We just had a new roof put on so I’m pretty sure we don’t having anything living in our attic. That’s an awful lot of bees to catch and relocate!


  7. We’ve had bees in our roof three times. First time was in the chimney and the bee guy removed them. The next 2 times was in our roof. The third and last time the man cut a whole in our roof and got them out. I was hoping he would not have to spray them but he did a little and then sprayed something to get the pheromones out so other bees would not be attracted to the site. Nothing like the hive you describe. I spotted bees collecting water in our yard and then flying up toward our roof. I stood out front and looked up toward the chimney and say some flying around up there. That is how I found them. They were honey bees.

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