The Dog Days of The Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by new and improved Quake cereal.

I never could tell the difference between Quisp and Quake. They both pretty much tasted the same. Different shapes, sure. Is it just me, or does Quake sound like Forrest Tucker?

The Week That Was

So another week has come and gone. Tomorrow I have an appointment with a periodontist. Seems one of my molars was going to need “crown lengthening” anyway, but as the dentist was drilling, she drilled away most of the tooth and still hadn’t gotten rid of the decay, so we decided I needed to have the tooth pulled and have them screw in an implant, then she can put the crown on. Sounds like a lot of fun… anyway, tomorrow is just an appointment for him to give me an estimate and to set up an appointment to have it done. At least, that’s what I think it is. The tooth, which has a temporary filling in it, has already partially broken away, so, yeah, it needs to go. I’ll try and get posts up for tomorrow and Tuesday so I can keep the chain going, but just realize that one or more might be late. Here’s the summary from last week.

The theme this past week was “European Favorites.” I had done a playlist of songs that weren’t in English that charted in the US anyway, and used several of them in the new list. XmasDolly thought it was good. My life is complete…

I featured two instrumental hits from my high-school days, both of which qualify as “one-hit wonders.” This week I’ll feature two vocal songs that were one-hit wonders in the early Seventies, then we’ll start counting down the most-popular bands from the period before moving on to something else. Birgit suggested I do the same for when my parents were in high school, which coincidentally was the start of the Baby Boomer years (1946-64). I’m thinking of going with a “Baby Boomer” theme for the rest of the year and probably a good portion of next year. What do you think of that?

Shared something funny that had been posted to Instagram by PunsWorld. The commercial, a borderline-obscene Arby’s ad, got as much attention as the one-liner. Reminds me of the days when the commercials were more entertaining than the shows.

Kat’s prompt was the word “island,” which led me on a discussion of all the islands I’ve been on. My list almost qualified as a Thursday Ten. I was surprised that I had been on so many.

I shared ten more of the destination songs you recommended, and announced that I’d hold off on posting any more for a while, partly because I was almost out, partly because a couple of the suggestions were “songs about places in Ireland” and “songs about New York City” which required a little more thought. You might see one of those tomorrow. Meanwhile, if you have more destination song suggestions, feel free to drop them on me.


The prompt was “ceiling and/or sealing.” I found a story about how a colony of bees had built a huge hive in this woman’s attic. I know there are concerns about the declining bee population, then I see stories like that and it makes me wonder. I mean, this lady had an estimated 120,000 bees in her attic. And if you check YouTube, you can find similar stories where bees have colonized people’s houses. Several people wondered how this woman didn’t know they were there. Well, maybe she has tinnitus and thought it was just her ears…


My most recent Battle of the Bands was won by Bing Crosby, singing the version of “Galway Bay” more popular outside Ireland. Next Battle will be on August 15, since that seems to be the way things are going.

Tomorow I’ll be adding a new feature, “Manic Monday,” brought to us by Sandi over at Flip Flops Everywhere. The link take you to the page that has the rules and the prompt for this week. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t mind if you joined in as well. Aside from that, all the regular features will be here, and who knows what else.

By the way, those of you who use Photobucket might already know this, but it appears that they no longer do free third-party hosting. If you store the images you imbed in your blog posts on Photobucket, you might want to consider moving them to another host or coughing up the $399 a year for third-party hosting. They explain it all here.

Anyway, that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

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  1. My mom had to have the post screwed in too…for several teeth. Hers were brittle (probably from those years spent anorexic)


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