18 thoughts on “A #1LinerWeds To Think About

  1. Yes, only in my case it was not my husband, it was his brother whom I dated first! Very thought provoking, John. I may use this for a longer than one liner post idea!


  2. Met Rob Eccles at AMD in 1981. He met and married Sally in 1983. Sally invited me to her company’s Christmas party in 2007. I saw this woman with an amazing smile and followed her around until we had a chance to talk. I married her in 2009.

    Becuase of Ansel Adams’ autobiography, I had to check out New Mexico’s strange characters for myself. Traveled to Chaco Canyon where I discovered Chacoan Anasazi culture and 13 multi-story Great Houses, all built by hand 1000 years ago. We moved here in 2013. So I always tell people it’s all Ansel Adams’ fault I’m in the Land of Entrapment.


    1. I remember the story. Good thing she didn’t think you were stalking her…

      I had a woman in class from New Mexico, and when she told me that, I said, “Ah, the Land of Enchantment!” She was surprised I knew that. Hey, it’s only been on NM license plates for a long as I can remember… That is, until they started putting “New Mexico USA” on the plates after someone refused to sell them 1996 Olympics tickets, telling them they had to buy them from their own country…


  3. Oh yeah. I think about this regularly. It helps me not take my husband for granted. But even the people I wish I’d never met have taught me lessons. They make me appreciate my husband even more.


  4. Yep. Just today I was musing about what would be different in my life if my dad hadn’t moved us to Utah from Ohio when I was 12. (I think the small community, slow pace there would have done me in!)


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