Let’s Limbo! #socs

Remember Chubby Checker’s “Limbo Rock”? It was a hit for him in 1962, reaching #2, kept out of the top spot by The Tornadoes’ “Telstar.”

You probably know that the limbo is a dance where you have to get under a bar that starts at about waist height and goes, well, as low as you do. No, I couldn’t do it.

In the old Catholic Church, there were four places you could go after you died: Heaven, Hell, Purgatory (kind of a temporary Hell if you weren’t good enough to go to Heaven but not bad enough to go to Hell), and Limbo, where unbaptized people, primarily babies, went. The Second Vatican Council did away with Limbo, and George Carlin wondered aloud if God then promoted everyone to Heaven or just cut them loose and forgot about them.

Well, it was a valid point… Anyway, speaking of limbs…

As you might know, I’ve dealt with lymphedema (swelling caused by lymphatic fluid collecting in my legs, primarily my right leg) since having my stroke in 2007. I was treated for it last year and given compression devices that strapped around my legs and I wore during the day. Unfortunately, they weren’t measured correctly and the lymphedema came roaring back, so I went back to physical therapy this year and they’ve managed to get my leg back to an acceptable size. I hope to go to get measured Monday for a new appliance that looks like it’ll be easier for Mary and me to put on and will do a better job of compressing my leg than the old ones did. The old ones, incidentally, won’t go to waste: I can wear both of them on my left leg, and together they’re long enough to fit). It means I’m just about to be discharged from the physical therapy, giving me a week or so before my next medical adventure, getting a tooth pulled and having an implant installed.

Gee, in the old days I just needed a doctor and a dentist. Now I need a staff.


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16 thoughts on “Let’s Limbo! #socs

  1. I remember wondering where all those people in limbo were going to go! Catholic church does some funny things. Like taking the sainthood away from St. Christopher. All those medals we got to protect our new cars! Glad the edema is going down. My husband’s leg is better too. Those socks are a piece of work to get on but just as I was mastering it, he didn’t have to wear them anymore. Good luck with the dental stuff! Happy Saturday.


    1. The socks are probably most effective, but they’re a huge pain to put on, and Mary just got frustrated trying to get them on, so I went with something easier, which it turns out was fitted wrong, owing to the return of the lymphedema. The new one will be longer (to the knee rather than mid-calf) and simpler to put on. I’m hopeful.

      Taking official sainthood away from St. Christopher doesn’t change the fact that people are devoted to him, and I’m certain God didn’t make him go sit at the kiddie table. St. Brigid of Ireland and St. Joseph of Cupertino are on the job as well. Travelers need not fear… XD

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  2. I hope all goes well with your fitting and then the implant. Thanks for the cheerful tune! ❤ Chubby Checker. Not sure why but I sure could go for a 7Up right about now 😉


          1. I was a Dr. Pepper-a-holic. Borderline diabetic and 25 pounds heavier. I went off the ‘sauce’ cold turkey a few years back. Now I drink one only once in a blue moon. It’s a special treat. And I agree that I feel much better too.


  3. I hope the docs get it right this time. My mom had to wear those socks after her hip replacement. Back in the 70’s they didn’t have this and my dad, after his hip replacement, got phlebitis. I could never limbo and was always amazed at the people who could go so low and get back up again. I remember that commercial and always liked that actor who is most famous for Live and Let Die


    1. The actor, Geoffrey Holder, was apparently quite a dancer. His brother had a dance troupe and he started with them when he was quite young.

      If I had been able to get compression socks on by myself, the lymphedema wouldn’t have come back, but that’s neither here nor there. The new compression device looks like it’ll be easier to work with, it’s definitely longer (the other stopped at midcalf, this will, or at least should, go to the knee), and about $20 cheaper. Win-win-win all around…


    1. I think they got it right this time. The other things I was using to keep the swelling at a minimum were too short and I think the swelling started in the upper part of the leg and eventually rendered them useless. I’m a bit chagrined that my therapist from last year didn’t catch that…

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