Manic Monday: There Ain’t No Cure…

“Summertime Blues.” Yeah, I have ’em. I’m having a lot of medical and dental stuff coming up, along with the costs. But it’s got to be done, I guess. And, we’ve reached the Dog Days of Summer when it gets really hot and really humid here in the South. Except it wasn’t so bad this morning, only about 62° (those are Fahrenheits, not centigrades) and not a cloud in the sky. Now it’s about 25° warmer (again, Fahrenheits) and the humidity is up, too. But still, not a cloud in the sky.

Who am I to complain, though? It could be worse: the kids went back to school today. I feel bad for them, because they get a whole month less summer vacation than we did. Summer should just be getting started for them. I mean, I always though August was the best month of summer. They get to spend it in school. Really, great weather outside, and they’re cooped up in a classroom getting the eyeballs bored out of them. Are they really going to learn that much more in an extra month of school? My guess is no. Oh, yeah, they give them a week off here, a week off there, so it’s not as though they’re spending more time in school than we did, but you give a kid a choice between having a whole month added to summer vacation and giving that month back to them one week at a time over ten months, I bet they’d go for the former. I know I would.

That’s the summertime blues for you.

(ETA: I forgot the pingback…)

18 thoughts on “Manic Monday: There Ain’t No Cure…

    1. Fandango – exactly, in California (southern CA) they don’t get out until like June 22nd and go back the last week of August. It’s so sad, because they (and myself) are EXHAUSTED and need another month of rest. The work load volume is now too great!


      1. I seriously wonder what they expect to achieve by doing that. I understand students in the US are “lagging behind the rest of the world,” and “something must be done about it,” but browbeating them for an increased amount of time isn’t the answer. At some point you start getting diminished returns to scale, and some kids might even regress.

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        1. Or for someone with a learning disability, like my son, it’s very difficult to keep up the pace. They have these unrealistic piles of work, deadlines the teachers have to meet but have to keep stopping for state testing. and no true learning is happening, I fear. This past year, they squeezed 37 students into my daughter’s 5th grade class. This isn’t college lecture hall, where they take copious notes. But they are already learning to take tons of notes. Children, by nature, want to learn. However, they aren’t really given time for a particular subject to explore – it’s always a rush to the next thing. It’s sad.


          1. The books of John Taylor Gatto and the things he’s had to say about education and how he believes we’re getting it all wrong are really good. If you get a chance, they’re worth reading. We never had children, which is probably a good thing, because if I had to put my kids into a system like we have now, I’d probably have another stroke.

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            1. I’ll have to save this somewhere – I hit the like button, and I think we can look at that – it saves it somewhere, right? I’m in the process of moving states, but I definitely would like to read them. Once I’m settled and have some “me” time.


  1. Yep! First off, sorry about the less than fun stuff you have to take care of… I recently had a root canal done. Ugh. And yes, I’ve always complained the kids only get 2 months of vacation now and we are all exhausted at the end of June. August is much too soon! I was told it was because of all the furlough days during the year. I’d much rather have the extra summer month than an odd week/here/there or sporadic days. When they were younger, it was much harder to find day care and the city would offer “camps” – YEAH, super expensive camps that we don’t have budget for… Staff development day – what?

    Lame. So they go back the last week of August in CA…but, we’re moving to Oregon next month and they don’t start until after Labor day, like it should be…

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    1. We went back the Wednesday after Labor Day and got out for the summer the week after Memorial Day. By that time, we were bouncing off the walls.

      I still haven’t gotten my treatment plan from the periodontist for the extraction and implant. For some reason they had to send it “snail mail”… how quaint…


      1. Oddly, I had to get something by regular mail too – for insurance purposes? Oh, it was my “referral” to take my son to his allergist. We just changed to HMO and had to pick a primary care physician…and they had to send referral by mail and not electronically. So odd!


  2. Try to help you son, but you’re too young to vote.

    Yeah, I know I’d rather have those days all at once. In Montana where we spent the entire summer on the family’s ranch, my parents would have preferred it too. It’s a bit hard to drive a dirt road or ride a horse in a couple feet of snow, a regular winter occurrence in MT. We’d have been staying home in Missoula on those extra mid-semester days off.


    1. It’s a hassle for parents who are trying to plan a family vacation, trying to work around the kids’ schedules. Dad used to take the week before Labor Day for vacation, because that was the last week for us (including Mom) before school. One year, the nuns decided to start school that week, after we had arranged for a summer house in Delavan and all was set. His attitude was “screw the nuns, that’s our week.” I took a ration of shit from my teacher all that year because of it.

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      1. That happened to people here, that have those Mexico Time Shares. They plan to go each summer a particular week, and each summer the school district kept pushing start date earlier, the next year a little earlier – they wrote a letter stating, their kids would not be at school.


  3. I feel so bad for these kids because I agree with you 100%. I would be dreaming of being at an amusement park or a water slide, playing outside or being able to watch a movie in the middle of the day because, well, that was me when I was a kid. I do hate the Dead of summer because I am not one for the heat. 62F during the day sounds like heaven not just the evening


    1. We’re well above 62 most of the time during the summer. It was nice yesterday morning to have a little fall in the air. We probably won’t have any days under 80 until mid-October. In Chicago, we’d have our first one this month.


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