Two For Tuesday: High School Days Top 5: #5 – Tony Orlando & Dawn

We’re down to the last five weeks of the High School Days theme, where I’ll be featuring the five artists who spent the most time in the Top Ten over those four years.

With 36 weeks total in the Top Ten, Tony Orlando and Dawn (Telma Hopkins and Joyce Vincent) narrowly edged out Chicago for the #5 spot. Orlando got his start singing demo records, and Hopkins and Vincent were his backup singers. A couple of their demos (which we’ll hear today) were released as singles and were hits, and Orlando begged Hopkins and Vincent to join him on the subsequent tour to promote them. Their biggest hit during the period was “Tie A Yellow Ribbon ‘Round The Old Oak Tree,” which I promise I won’t play….

Their first big hit was “Knock Three Times,” which entered the Top Ten in mid-December 1970 and spent eleven weeks there, peaking at #1.

Their very first single, “Candida,” reached the Top Ten in September 1970 and spent eight weeks there, peaking at #3.

Their popularity resulted in a TV variety show, called Tony Orlando And Dawn from 1974-1976 and The Tony Orlando And Dawn Rainbow Hour in 1976-1977. It replaced Sonny & Cher’s variety show, and held to much the same formula. Maybe CBS thought people wouldn’t notice…

Tony Orlando & Dawn, your Two for Tuesday, August 1, 2017.

17 thoughts on “Two For Tuesday: High School Days Top 5: #5 – Tony Orlando & Dawn

    1. I figure we’ve heard that one enough, because they yank it out of storage every time someone comes back. The show wasn’t bad, actually, and I definitely think Telma and Joyce handled Tony better than Cher handled Sonny.

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  1. I have to qualify the ‘Like’ – It means I appreciate the effort you put forth to research and compose this post. Let’s leave it at that. I realize you have no control over what was once popular…


  2. I used to watch the variety show and liked it but I always liked variety shows and miss them. I. Glad you didn’t showcase Tie a Yellow Ribbon…I got aick of that song back in early 1980.


    1. Now they “cost too much” and “no one wants to see them.” By far, the best was Dean Martin’s show. He had some top acts on it and every week was an extravaganza. But I liked all of them. The streaming services would make a fortune if they started playing those shows.


  3. Thank you! Telma Hopkins!!! I’ve been trying to remember her name for the last couple weeks. I swear I saw her in an MS commercial the other day but couldn’t place her.


  4. Yep, remember them well. I agree about Tie A Yellow Ribbon ‘Round The Old Oak Tree – one of those songs that was played way too much. I liked their other songs and the show.


  5. John, I watched Tony Orlando & Dawn as a teen. It amazes me to think of all the wonderful variety shows from the 70s filled with unbelievable talent. It’s quite sad we don’t have anything like this anymore. I, especially loved watching these types of shows at Christmas. That’s another thing I miss. Networks would do well if they’d pull from their archives to rerun some of these old Christmas variety show specials. Thanks for putting a smile on my face with a long time ago memory of watching this program. 😀


    1. Dean Martin’s show was like a Broadway production every week. He had a big musical number in each show that involved practically the entire cast. Think of the people who had shows: Martin, Andy Williams, Red Skelton, The Smothers Brothers, Glen Campbell, Flip Wilson, Jackie Gleason… Those videotapes are in someone’s vault. If the networks, the streaming services or a couple of the subchannels (Antenna TV, MeTV, Cozi, etc.) were to dig those shows out and run them, many more people than just you and I would watch, and it’d be a gold mine. That and the talk shows: Antenna TV is showing the Johnny Carson shows and Decades is running Dick Cavett (as well as Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In and old series “binges” on the weekends).

      Maybe I should buy a TV station…

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