The Almost-Forgot-To-Name-It Week That Was…

It’s Sunday, and time for The Week That Was, sponsored today by Canfield Beverages.

Canfield’s was a local brand in the Chicago area that made such great soft drinks as 50/50, Diet Chocolate Soda, Mickey Melon (a watermelon-flavored concoction that featured a drawing of Mickey Rooney on the can), and Swiss Creme Soda (the commercials featured an oompah band and the refrain, “das is gut!“). They also made mixers like tonic water, club soda, and ginger ale, and all were famous for their “dancing carbonation.”

The Week That Was

It felt like this week went on forever. I was measured for my compression device last Monday, which Mary, Kate (my therapist), and I all hoped would be in by Thursday, which would have been my last appointment if it had been, but no, it’s either delayed or it normally takes this long to make, so we’re now hoping it’ll be ready by Tuesday’s appointment.

Then, after waiting for what seems an eternity for my periodontist to (snail) mail me a treatment plan for what they plan to do with my Tooth #20 issues, I called them and got hold of the one person in the office that knows what she’s doing, who explained the process and emailed me a copy of the treatment plan. I go in for the extraction a week from Wednesday.

Here’s the weekly summary.

Monday’s theme was “songs that start with the first letter of your name.” I didn’t even think there were that many songs that started with J until I got going, and y’all came up with more, about five if I counted correctly. If I can get that to ten by tomorrow, that’ll be my theme of “freebie” day. If not, I’ll think of something else.

The song title was “Summertime Blues,” and in addition to kvetching about my medical stuff, I expressed my sympathy for the kids of Cobb County, who were due back in school on Monday. The kids will have an easier time concentrating on their studies this week, as it’s probably going to rain all week.

I started counting down the five most-popular music acts of the early 1970’s, beginning with Tony Orlando and Dawn, or Dawn featuring Tony Orlando, if you prefer. They actually did some good songs, but everyone remembers “Tie A Yellow Ribbon ‘Round The Old Oak Tree.”

I chose this past week’s one-liner from Scott Adams’s latest book, which is quite funny and you ought to read. The commercial was the classic Alka-Seltzer “Mamma Mia, that’s a spicy meatball-a!” one from the Sixties.

This week’s prompt was to write something on the subject of it being humid, a topic I’m familiar with, living in Atlanta and all.

I continued my series of songs that were the only Top Ten hit for their music acts that made it to #1 anyway. There were less than 40 such songs, so that won’t drag on too long.


The prompt was “high/low.” Everyone seemed to enjoy my description of baseball’s strike zone, which the rules are specific about, which is why nine out of ten umpires ignore them, as if to say “If I say it’s a strike, it’s a strike.” Arguing with the home-plate umpire over what he calls a strike is cause for immediate ejection and a fine from Major League Baseball. Hall of Fame manager Bobby Cox was ejected from 163 regular-season games and one postseason game, a record he snagged away from John McGraw at the end of his career, and most of those ejections were for arguing balls and strikes. Or so it seems, anyway.

One correction: I mentioned that concert pitch was A440 and said that was the A below middle C. Mark, who’s played the piano longer than I’ve known him (45 years or so), said it’s actually the A above middle C. The Sound of One Hand Typing regrets the error. It did, however, give me an excuse to run this video by him, that proposes that A should actually be lower than 440.

Just for fun (and you know my warped sense of “fun”), I asked myself “if C sounds at 261+ Hz when A sounds at 440 Hz, what would A be if C sounded at 256 Hz?” (Note that the video says 256 and all the other multiples of 2 is more in tune with the universe.) The answer (and I will NOT show my work) is 430+ Hz.

We’ll pause here to give you a chance to relax to the soothing sounds of nature…

All the usual features will return. Maybe I’ll do a survey post tomorrow, Tuesday I’ll share the fourth most-popular band from the early Seventies, another one-liner on Wednesday, more one-hit #1’s on Friday, and I’ll have to wait on Sandi, Kat and Linda for the rest.

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

9 thoughts on “The Almost-Forgot-To-Name-It Week That Was…

  1. You have been busy and I hope all is well health wise. This commercial made me smile with the up to date kitchen shown for that time:) we had a fridge exactly like this.


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