Manic Monday: In The Mood

Have to share this first…

So Sandi chose this as today’s song, and I wasn’t sure that I was in the mood to try and figure out what I was going to do with it. Then I realized that there are a lot of times when I’m not in the mood to write, but I stick my big ass in a chair in front of the computer, open up WordPress, and start to write. And, more often than not, something comes to me, and before I know it, I have the post written. Sometimes several posts, in fact. I’m writing this Sunday afternoon, and this is my third.

Sometimes just knowing that I have a post to do helps me get started, and sometimes, when I look at the things that I have going during the week, I know I have to try and get as much as I can done, because I know I might not feel up to it later. Wednesday, I have an appointment to get a tooth pulled, and I’m not sure how I’ll feel after that. When the doctor prescribes hydrocodone for after the surgery, I know I had better get it in gear and get the posts written for the week. So screw my mood, I have stuff to do.

And you know something? When I get started writing, it puts me in the mood to write more. The ideas for the next post come as I’m writing a post. I guess you could say I don’t write when I’m in the mood, I get into the mood when I write. Now, sometimes I’m in the mood when I sit down to write, and those times are golden. But a lot of times I’m not. It doesn’t matter. I will be when I get started.

13 thoughts on “Manic Monday: In The Mood

  1. I am always in the mood for WordPress and I love to write, however, sometimes I can’t focus on what I want to write. So another cup of coffee and I am good to go. Good luck on the extraction and take it easy. I loved the Carol Burnett show – light and fun entertainment.


  2. I like the way you think about writing and it’s true. It also helps that you don’t want to be a roofer so that can be a motivation. I laughed with this Carol Burnett scene. I really needed this as the last 2 weeks, it has been very short staffed at work, a co worker and friend suffered a heart attack and another is on vacation. I feel the stress of that but now my mom is in the hospital with pneumonia so my brother and I have been right there. She seems to be improving but I know this is the end


  3. Carol Burnett is the BOMB! I loved watching her shows and this made me laugh hysterically! I think I might show it to my husband later. That group Tim Conway, Vickie Lawrence, and that other guy – FUNNY FUNNY! People are so talented.


  4. I loved Carol Burnett! Oh, so much! That’s one of the things I wish they’d stream! Gah!
    Anyway, great tune, Glen Miller rocks our house, but we have room for chickens 😛
    I’m not inspired yet this morning, I exercised my body, now my brain…. Ouch! brain cramp! lol


    1. Carol Burnett is on MeTV at 11 PM every weeknight. It’s actually “Carol Burnett and Friends,” the half-hour “best of” show that’s a little heavy on the Eunice and Mama. But it’s better than nothing.

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        1. Everywhere I’m looking says it’s on 13.3 over-the-air and that Cozi TV is on 13.2. Of course, your cable or satellite company might not carry it….


  5. LOL what a mind those guys had! I loved watching Carol and her friends! I know what you mean about feeling in the mood once you sit down and start writing. I have to start getting in that practice more often. Happy Monday, John.


    1. Knowing you have to get something written is a great incentive. Dave Barry said when he doesn’t feel like writing he thinks “I could always be a coal miner” and that gets him started. For me, it’s keeping the chain going.

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