Prince, underwear, and heraldry #socs

This past week, I saw an article that said Pantone and Prince’s estate had come up with a standardized custom color to “represent and honor” The Late Artist Formerly Known As Prince, represented by his “Love Symbol #2” and chosen to match the piano he was going to take with him on tour before he died.

If, as I was, you’re curious, the CSS color code is #553A63.

Prince Purple!

Mary and I have an expression whenever we do something like cleaning the stove or walking: we say we’re wearing our “panties of righteousness.” Example: I just mowed the lawn, so I’m wearing my panties of righteousness!

Wikipedia tells us that, in heraldry, a beast rampant is depicted in profile reared up on its himd legs, and applies to carnivorous beasts, like the lion. Forcené is the word used when it’s a horse or unicorn, and segreant applies to griffins and dragons. Heraldry can be really cool, y’know?

Congratulations once again to J-Dub of J-Dub’s Grin and Bear It who designed the SoCS badge for 2017-2018!

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16 thoughts on “Prince, underwear, and heraldry #socs

  1. Panties of Rightousness? I find that funny:) I may borrow that. I love these old commercials and this one is a hoot. I never heard of this laundry detergent and I wonder how long it was around.


    1. For all I know, it still is, somewhere in the world. Here, the competition from Comet and Ajax is so fierce that it likely dropped off the market, or the company was sold and the product was renamed. Very few products are made by their original manufacturers…

      Have fun with Panties of Righteousness. We sure have…


  2. I don’t remember Bab-O, even though I was around in 1952. I remember Bon Ami, Ajax, and Comet. Panties of righteousness – hmmm, I’ll have to think about this.


    1. Love that commercial… my dad, who sang bass in a barbershop quartet at one time, user to sing that around the house, and taught all of Mom’s sisters how to sing the rest of it. Bum buhbuhbuh bum bum…

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  3. I bet a lot of kids sang a lot to that Bab-O commercial. It’s catchy, if odd. I don’t take off my panties of righteousness until I go to bed.



    1. Commercials in the early days of TV were radio commercials with video added on, so that song was probably a carryover. Kids probably sang with the radio commercial, too.


  4. Love this! Purple was always my favorite color thanks to Donny Osmond. I’m also a Prince fan having just visited Paisley Park in July.

    I’m definitely wearing panties of righteousness considering B is semi out of commission.

    Heraldry is super cool 😎 I agree! I’ve learned so much from this post. I’m going to consider heraldry my new Vocab-you-Larry word of the day. 😂

    I do remember Bab-O but we used Comet 💫


    1. So did we. I think Bab-O was off the market by the time I developed any clear memory. Grandma used Bon Ami, which she pronounced “bah-nah-me.”

      I just have a passing interest in heraldry, I think from my piping days when we wore crest badges on our uniform Balmorals (you might know them as tam-o’shanters). It’s fun to try and figure out what the coat-of-arms is from the description.

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    1. That commercial might be from before we were born. That might explain why we don’t remember Bab-O. But hey, you can wear your panties of righteousness whenever you want…

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