The Pre-Eclipse Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by National Beer. You can tell by the taste!

Commercials like this are why I put them in my posts.

The Week That Was

Busy week last week: I picked up my compression garment on Monday, which fits well, is easier to put on than the old ones, provides more pressure to prevent a recurrence of my lymphedema issues, and that I just like better. It’s a little too short, so they ordered me an extender to cover the top of the calf (just below the knee). I had my tooth pulled and the first part of the implant installed, and I haven’t needed the heavy-duty pain medication, which makes me happy. Prescription-strength naproxen (Aleve) has been more than sufficient. I now have a gaping hole where #20 used to be and an appointment for a week from tomorrow for Dr. Silverstein to check how things are going.

Tomorrow, of course, is the big eclipse everyone’s been looking forward to. I remember the one back in 1963 and all the terrifying ads about the danger of looking at the eclipse and being struck totally blind. MeTV had an article on their site this week about the Peanuts cartoons that led up to the ’63 event, and Kim Komando has a bunch of articles on her site.

Anyway, here’s the summary from last week…

The theme was “songs with men’s names in the title.” I have several suggestions from you and will feature them in tomorrow’s M4. I’m thinking of calling it 4000, since M is 1000 in Roman numerals (i.e. MMMM=4000).

The song title for Manic Monday was “In The Mood.” My essay started out with the sketch from The Carol Burnett Show where Carol, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, and Tim Conway did the song by clucking like chickens, which everyone seemed to enjoy, then launched into an essay where I explained that I might not be in the mood to write every day, but I show up anyway and usually find that puts me in the mood. That might be the biggest advantage to daily blogging.

I’m closing in on the end of my High School Days theme, and Tuesday’s twofer featured Elton John, who tied for second place in total number of weeks in the Top Ten during the early Seventies. The band he tied with will be featured this Tuesday.


If you haven’t voted in my most recent Battle, which Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin go head-to-head covering Glen Campbell’s “By The Time I Get To Phoenix,” time grows short. Be sure and cast your vote by midnight tomorrow.

The one-liner was from Scott Adams’s recent book again this week, and there’s a Kent cigarette commercial at the end, from the days before the FTC thought that taking cigarette ads off the air would keep kids from smoking. As someone who started smoking in high school (I’ve quit since then), I can tell you it didn’t.

Kat asked us to tell stories about our old neighborhood, and my essay was about Devon Avenue that included stops at the soda fountain, at the gay bath house (I didn’t take you inside, because of the vicious German Shepherd at the back door), and the dry cleaners operated by the parents of the first girl to steal my heart. Kip asked about other businesses along the way, and as I told him, the post could easily be several thousand words, and he’ll just have to wait for the book.

As I had been more focused on my tooth issues, I hadn’t given much thought to the 5×2, so I fell back on a survey post, this from WCFL on August 18, 1973. I compared their top ten to that of WLS to show you that, even though they were both surveys of the same city, they were different, occasionally quite a bit so.

I congratulated J-Dub on her badge being chosen as the new face of Stream of Consciousness Saturday, replacing mine, which now occupies my sidebar. Saturday’s theme word was “pant,” and the topics were Pantone’s new Prince color, the Panties of Righteousness, and heraldry.

I’m waiting on tomorrow’s song prompt for Manic Monday and the prompts for Kat’s Writer’s Workshop and Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, but you can probably guess there won’t be any surprises this week as far as the regular features are concerned. I may throw in a few extras, so stay tuned.

That’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

11 thoughts on “The Pre-Eclipse Week That Was

  1. Hi John – love the beer ad … while I’m glad things seem to be sorting themselves out healthwise as best can be done for you – also as Janie says … glad there’s been no need for heavy-duty pain meds … cheers and have a good eclipse week – Hilary


    1. I’m glad I had the heavy pain meds in the event that I needed them, but even happier I didn’t. My philosophy on things like that is I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. I know some people have been in agony after having a tooth pulled, and I really hoped and prayed the same wouldn’t happen to me.


    1. I’m almost like, “what tooth ordeal?” The only time it bothers me is when I forget and chew on that side of my mouth, and I’m adapting to that.

      The animated commercials from the Fifties had some great music, didn’t they? Not just the beer ads, but all of them. I might have to do a Monday or Friday where I choose some of the better ones.

      Liked by 1 person

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