When My Stream Of Consciousness Gets Carried Away #socs

When I saw that today’s prompt was “when,” I immediately thought of WHEN, AM 620 in Syracuse, New York. Their primary claim to fame is that they set the Emergency Broadcast System test script to music. The FCC was not happy about it.

That jingle was evidently produced by Jerry Moss, the “M” in A&M Records. The “A,” of course, is Herb Alpert.

WHEN is now part of iHeartMedia playing urban contemporary music (i.e. rap and hip-hop). A fan put together a tribute page to remember what WHEN used to sound like. Although there’s no music there. But I would guess that in the late Sixties they played this, which starts with the word “when.”

That of course was from Hair, a/k/a “The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical.”

And that makes me think of Hairspray, which was originally a movie starring Divine, then it was turned into a musical, then a movie of the musical starring Nikki Blonsky and John Travolta as her mother.

The same thing happened to The Producers, originally a movie starring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder, then a musical with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick, which was then made into a movie starring Lane, Broderick, and Will Ferrell.

And that… never mind, I’d better stop there…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about H-O Cream Farina.

15 thoughts on “When My Stream Of Consciousness Gets Carried Away #socs

    1. This one?

      An excellent album. The picture is from the remix album. “Tijuana Taxi” wasn’t on that one, though; it was on “Going Places” along with “Spanish Flea.” I started getting into them in sixth grade; a friend of mine got me into them.

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        1. It was definitely ahead of its time. Wikipedia tells me the model, Dolores Erickson, was three months pregnant at the time. It also tells me that members of The Wrecking Crew were on it, including Leon Russell…


  1. Great post~! I love all the songs you posted. Aquarius takes me back. Love that song. And the Cowsills video is so fun. Love that song too. Also enjoyed the Hairspray movie. Was not at all familiar with your last song though. I never saw the Producers (play or movie) but heard great things about it. Did you see it?

    Hope you’re having a good weekend. Mine is super wet with Harvey bringing us lots of rain and wind. But that’s all we’ll see of the storm being this far inland. It’s a perfect day to order a pizza and order movies On Demand… 🙂

    Michele at Angels Bark


    1. You be careful, okay? I know you’re nowhere near the hurricane, but that much rain and wind can still be really dangerous.

      The original “Producers” was a riot, but definitely a product of its time (1967), so a lot of the jokes don’t make much sense if you hadn’t lived through that time period, so the updated version added new life to it. I think most of the cast of the original (Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder, Kenneth Mars, Christopher Hewitt, Dick Shawn, etc.) have passed on, but the cast of the remake is tremendous. If you find it, it’s worth watching.


  2. John,

    Good fun! Someone recently sparked my interest in learning more about Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass and I sampled their “Whipped Cream & Other Delights” album on iTunes. It has some excellent mewsic, most I knew and I can’t figure out why I totally forgot about this group. I reckon it was in my day when I didn’t put a lot of emphasis on who did what unless it was a song in my mewsic zone. Although I knew the Patridge Family TV show is based on the 60s pop group Cowsill I think this is the first time to watch one of their mewsic vids and noticing the striking resemblance to the actors portraying them. The “Hair” vid was a bit funny with them having to hold on to their wigs. lol I think we watched “The Producers” with Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel but I can’t remember too much about it but I can say this I don’t like Will Ferrell and am not interested in seeing the remake. Anywho, great mewsic edition! I’ll see ya on the dance floor tomorrow!


    1. I had a very good friend in sixth grade who turned me on to the TJB. They’re always good. Hmm, haven’t featured them on Two For Tuesday, and they probably won’t come up in the next series. Have to start a list of people I want to feature that I haven’t so far.

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