The End-Of-August Week That Was

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Those variety packs were a real gyp. Out of ten cereals, maybe two were good (i.e. loaded with sugar) and the other eight were like Shredded Wheat and high-fiber cereals. Now, of course, the high-fiber cereals appeal to me, but not necessarily because of the taste.

The Week That Was

I was out on Facebook the other day, and there was this meme that said, “Can we guess what quote is written on your heart?” Here’s mine:

My comment was, “And yet, here I am on Facebook….”

Here’s the week in review.

Freebie week, so I played your suggestions from the week before, which as you recall was songs with men’s names in the title. There are many more songs with women’s names in them, probably because most songwriters are men, but there are still plenty with men’s names. Tomorrow, I talk songs with dances in the title.

There was no Manic Monday this past week, because I think Sandi was tied up in real life. I hope there’s one tomorrow; that’s a lot of fun. Anyway, Sandi, if you’re reading this, hope things are getting done and you’re holding it together.

Featured the other band that was #2 on my list of artists that spent the most time in the Top 10 during my high school years, Three Dog Night. Tomorrow, we feature the artist or band that was #1 in time spent in the Top 10, and I bet you can guess who it is.


In the “Rat Pack” Battle, which pitted Dean Martin against Frank Sinatra, Deano won by a comfortable margin. Many of you voters made it clear no one did the song like Glen Campbell, which is absolutely true, but I also pointed out that Glen did it like Johnny Rivers.

I saw something on Facebook that made me laugh and appealed to the writer in each of us. Those signs where you have to slide the letters in to form the words are lots of fun, especially when some jolly joker decides to move the letters around to say something funny. I don’t think that happened in this case, but it’s one of those signs. I notice, by the way, that the commercials I add to One-Liner Wednesday and Stream of Consciousness Satuday get a lot of attention. That makes me happy, for some unknown reason.

Also on Wednesday, I mentioned that I had read that it was the 55th anniversary of the first international broadcast to be carried via the Telstar communications satellite. While that date was off by a month, I saw no reason not to talk about it, because it gave me an excuse to replay that broadcast and The Tornados’ 1962 record “Telstar.”

I had to write a post in exactly 9 lines, or in my case sentences (sometimes very long sentences), and talked about how I missed the days of limited TV offerings, when stations signed off at night and on in the morning and most of the day was dedicated to entertainment as opposed to news, infomercials, and shows with episodes with names like “Who’s My Baby’s Daddy?”

I played the Top 10 songs from 1954, because I happened to find several posts on Pinterest that had the Top 10 from 1954. I wasn’t born until March 1956, but I remembered all the songs from my parents playing them. I’m happy that you enjoyed them, at least those of you who left a comment. I’m getting warmed up for my next Two for Tuesday series, music that was popular while the Baby Boomers were being born, from 1946 to 1964, and ’54 was more or less in the middle.

The prompt was to start the post with the word “when,” and it just sort of got out of hand after that. It was fun.

I have a busy day tomorrow, where I swap my compression garment for a longer one that hopefully keeps the swelling in my lower leg to a minimum (if not, we’ll do it again), then visit my friendly neighborhood periodontist to see how the gap left by the extraction is coming along. I don’t believe he’ll be cutting through my gums to see the implant, but I’m prepared for that. As such, I’m working on getting as many things done today as I can. That means getting things finished through Wednesday. I don’t plan any major surprises for this week, but ya never know.

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny pages!

7 thoughts on “The End-Of-August Week That Was

    1. The tooth thing, yesterday? They just wanted to see how it was healing. It took me longer to walk to the exam room than I spent in the chair. They could have just looked at it in the waiting room…

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  1. That commercial was fun to watch and I’m surprised how most are still here with us. I hope all goes well with you and that dentist thing would freak me out. I have laryngitis and I talk for a living so this week should be fun


    1. Oh, laryngitis… I was a trainer and got it in the middle of a week of teaching. No fun.

      The dentist appointment was just to check how my gum was healing after all that. The appointment took all of thirty seconds. I could have taken a picture of the inside of my mouth and emailed it to them.


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