The Labor Day 2017 Week That Was

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The Week That Was

So, it’s the unofficial end of summer. Labor Day weekend meant school started the following Wednesday, and maybe that’s the case where you are. Here, the kids have been in school for a month. I’ve noticed it’s cooler and not quite as humid now, but that might be a result of Harvey as much as anything. (That’s a mess, by the way, and say a prayer for the people affected by the storm.) I guess Irma is ready to check in when Harvey checks out, so brace yourselves. Here’s the summary.

The theme this week was “dance moves,” and after I did my ten, you gave me a few and I came up with a few more and did them on Friday. Friday’s playlist has been expanded, by the way, so give the additions a listen.

We concluded our look at my high school days with the artist with the largest number of top ten singles and most weeks in the top ten, Karen and Richard Carpenter. Starting Tuesday, we’ll look at artists with Top 100 records during the “Baby Boom” years, 1946 thru 1964. May have to wing it the first week or two, because I haven’t completed my research, but we’ll manage.

I went into Wednesday with a bee in my bonnet about the fact that Amazon announced they were moving booklists, notes and highlights into Goodreads, but to help us they’d be giving us the ability to download a spreadsheet file with the titles, authors, and other information about the books in our Kindle library (but only through August 31). I’m no fan of Goodreads, but the spreadsheet is what many Kindle users have been asking for, even begging for, and this is the first (and probably last) time they’ve actually deigned to grant it to us. Anyway, I found a book I downloaded a while back about the benefits of dropping out of Facebook, and my quote came from there.

After Wednesday, I read and re-read and re-re-read the note from Amazon about the migration to Goodreads, and discovered I didn’t have to join Goodreads to preserve my notes and highlights, that Amazon simply planned on re-locating them. Dee commented that she had read the note the same way I did, and that Amazon really needed to do a better job of writing it. Anyway, I deleted my Goodreads account and expressed my joy at not having to deal with it again.

Our prompt was “birth/berth,” and after a discussion about Ben Casey and its iconic open, I turned to berths on trains and blathered on as only I can about the glamor of train travel back in the Fifties. Or something like that.

Marie gave us a choice for tomorrow’s M4, either using the day as a freebie or doing songs about work and the end of summer. You might actually see both tomorrow, or at least links to posts on working and the end of summer I’ve done in the past and a new one for which I’ve already built a playlist, planning on using it eventually. Tuesday, we begin a new series on Two for Tuesday, and we’ll see what else next week brings.

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny pages!

8 thoughts on “The Labor Day 2017 Week That Was

  1. I really enjoy these posts, John. I feel somehow a bit more grounded. It has been so crazy here, that I need an anchor or refresher or…something. So, thank you. I really want to join Mama Kat’s writing workshop, too. Hopefully, things will settle down soon. I will do it. Hugs.


  2. It was a great week, John. We’re having some beautiful weather here in our neck of the woods. Perhaps a taste of fall or effects from Harvey but it’s a nice change from the heat.


    1. I think it’s an authentic taste of fall. I saw the weather forecast yesterday, and they’re talking upper 50’s overnight later in the week. Thank heaven for small miracles. Mary tells me she breathes better without all the humidity in the air.

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