Writer’s Workshop: Streaming on “Rise”

Ever heard the expression, “bread rises, people stand”? Clearly the guy who does music at church on Saturday night hasn’t, because when Mass is ready to begin, he always says, “Will you please rise?” Maybe I’m just being fussy.

I don’t shave anymore (my beard needs a trim, by the way), but when I did I used a safety razor until I couldn’t find the blades for it. And, of course, shave cream. I’d generally use whatever was cheap when I went to buy it, and sometimes that’d be Rise.

They don’t make menthol shave cream anymore, or for that matter lemon-lime. I always liked those.

After my stroke, I was advised to get an electric shaver. I was never really happy with the results, plus it snagged my beard. So I went back to shaving with a razor, one of those disposable ones, and got even more frustrated, because those disposable razors are so dull you couldn’t even cut a fart with them. Finally, I ordered an old-fashioned safety razor and blades from Amazon. First time I used it, I almost died from all the blood-letting. Shaving with a safety razor is not one of those things you never forget, plus I was shaving with my left hand, which I had never done. Eventually I more or less got my mojo with a safety razor back, then I decided it was stupid and grew the beard.

Herb Alpert recorded a song called “Rise” in 1979. It was the title track from his solo album, and reached #1 on the Hot 100 in October of that year.

You hear that one a lot on “smooth jazz” stations, or at least you did. I’m not even sure there are any “smooth jazz” stations anymore; they all started playing R&B oldies and “lite vocals,” kind of the same stuff they played on the old “lite rock” stations in the late Seventies-early Eighties. Remember those? Somehow Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand became “lite rock” artists.

No matter. About the only thing I listen to on the radio is baseball games, and even then, I don’t listen on the radio. I have what MLB.com calls “Gameday Audio,” where I can hear all the baseball games played everywhere in Major League Baseball for $20 a year. I considered getting the video streaming service, too, except they don’t show the local games. Bummer.

I read the other day that millennials don’t listen to radio anymore, at least not the young ones. Then when I went out to DuckDuckGo to get the link, I see a bunch of other articles that say millennials do listen to the radio. Go figure.

What that has to do with “rise,” I have no idea…

33 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Streaming on “Rise”

  1. They still make menthol shave cream. Barbasol has rebranded it “Arctic Chill with Menthol.” Gillette makes lemon-lime shaving cream, too. My millenial children do not listen to the radio unless I have it on in the car, in which case they plug in their phones to the audio jack on the car and start playing their own stuff. As for out of market games, I use apps from the local market radio stations to listen to games during the playoffs. Try to find playoff hockey (or even baseball or football) on the radio….good luck!


    1. It’s been a while since I’ve bought shave cream, so I guess I missed the latest innovations in it.

      The MLB At Bat app is good for out-of-market games (and local ones: radio reception is pretty awful for me at times).


  2. Since I have a beard, I only have to clean up the top and bottom. I actually prefer the results from the disposable razors over my electric shaver. I listen to games on MLB At-Bat. I can hear the game from the local (Pittsburgh) station and it reminds me of when I was carrying a transistor radio – try that phrase on your millenials 😉


    1. MLB At-Bat is really good, especially if you live nowhere near your team’s home market.

      I got really good at listening to ballgames on the radio when the White Sox were put in the Western Division and played lots of games on the West Coast. Bedtime for me was 10:00, the same time those West Coast games started, and I’d keep the radio low and listen in bed. Of course, I’d usually fall asleep in the third inning and wake up just as the final out was being made sometime after midnight…

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  3. Nice, cutting stream of consciousness. (Pun intended.)

    I use a Norelco triple-header. It’s dull, and one of the heads doesn’t latch closed consistently since I dropped it. I refuse to make a blade’s daily self-sacrifice, ads for Harry’s on Michael Smerconish’s Sirius-XM show on the POTUS channel notwithstanding.

    So I shave with the Norelco. It’s better than the Panasonic foil electric I tried for awhile. But for its original half-decent shave quality (no electric’s better than half-decent), I need to buy a new Norelco.

    I don’t feel keeping the beard full-time is an option – it gets too hot in summer, besides making me look about 10 years older.


    1. I had an inexpensive Norelco Mary got me when I was in the hospital. The blades do get dull, and the only way I could think of to get them sharper was to replace them. Naturally, with my lack of manual dexterity, I managed to screw the thing up, and went back to shaving with a plastic razor.


  4. I went to. An electric razor a few years ago and would never go back to a blade. The electric type doesn’t get you a close shave, but it’s close enough. You touched a sore spot when you talked about the demise of smooth jazz radio. That was all I listened to while doing casual reading, crossword puzzles, etc. All of a sudden “poof” – no more smooth jazz. Like you, sports is the only thing I listen to now.


    1. I’ve taken to listening to music on the Internet. A couple of my go-to places are iHeart and TuneIn. With both, you can tell them what kind of music you want to hear and they’ll play it.


  5. My hubby hates electric razors and finds the Gillette and others so expensive..it really is a money grab. He grows a beard usually during the winter and I am not one for beards…too scratchy:) it almost makes me think that having a shave by a barber is the way to go but I have no clue how much that costs and you can’t have that every day. Now, I remember that music and I think half of the millennials don’t listen and others do. Things sway back and forth. Heck, vinyl is coming back.

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    1. The old safety and injector razors were great. All you had to buy was the blades, and each blade lasted several weeks. Having a shave from a barber is relatively expensive, but it is a treat. They use the old-fashioned straight razors and work very slowly and carefully.

      Those plastic razors are pretty awful. If you shave every day they last about a week. It’s a racket…


  6. Well, I don’t have the beard conundrum, thank goodness. Actually, I’ve found as I got older I don’t even have to shave my legs or underarms as much as the hair doesn’t grow fast there…unfortunately the hair on my head is thinning as well. I didn’t remember the Herb Alpert song until I heard it and I don’t listen to the radio in the car either unless it is the baseball game. I use my iTunes on my phone. Radio plays the same handful of songs over and over and has those stupid DJs who think it is funny to play tricks on people or talk about the uninteresting. Rant over. Happy Thursday, John.

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    1. Radio really isn’t worth listening to anymore, and that’s a real shame. The idea of voices (and pictures in the case of TV) flying through the air and being captured by a special box for your entertainment always seemed so magical. Actually, I use Gameday Audio to listen to ballgames. $20 a year gets me every regular season game. It’s kind of fun being able to listen to the White Sox all the way in Chicago, as well as the Braves.

      I get my music from iHeart, TuneIn, and the Simple Radio app, as well as from my collection, for which I have a local copy as well as having it all on Amazon’s cloud. I use iTunes to catalog and manage the music but don’t care for it as a player.

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  7. Satellite radio is the only reason there are still radios in cars, I betcha. We were told last night while looking for a car for our son that as of 2018’s cars there are no more CD players. It’s all ports now for music. Don’t know if that’s true or not.

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    1. They figure everyone brings their own music and doesn’t listen to the radio. The one reason I can think of to have a radio in the car is for emergency broadcasts (tornado warnings etc.) I understand radios now are set up to monitor the Emergency Alert System and can actually turn themselves on to broadcast warnings. They were talking about doing that, anyway…


  8. My hubby belongs to the Dollar Shave Club where they send you new blades once a month. It seems to be working well so far. He hasn’t found an electric shaver that he likes.

    I love listening to the radio while in my car. Technology has certainly moved forward in this area, however, I prefer the older radios with knobs. 🙂


    1. Something about the old analog tuners is just so satisfying to work with. You catch a lot of the stations in-between that way. They’re especially good with shortwave, because there are lots of stations broadcasting on the in-betweens.

      I’ve heard of the Dollar Shave Club, but since “retiring” I grew the beard and don’t see the point of shaving anymore. 😉

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  9. I can tell you what day it is by what my husband’s beard/ head combo looks like. On Sunday, he peels his head, shaves off 90% of his facial hair. Then he shaves around the goatee on Wednesday, the following Monday and Thursday. Like clockwork. Then it’s the second Sunday and he peels it all off again. He uses a safety blade, head blade, disposables, a trimmer, and an electric razor, depending. There is still mentholated shave cream out there. 🙂 I dunno about lemon lime, but definitely citrus, too.
    I don’t mind any of the hair, I just request he not grow a full beard that hangs from his face like we’ve seen lately. Nothing long enough to brush and braid, thank you. I do not find that appealing. Everyone has their ‘things’.


  10. I grew up on Herb Alpert. My Dad had all his records. (33’s). I love Rise. I’ve got it on a CD collection of his. There are still smooth Jazz stations. More like Kenny G and modern stuff, though. I used to love a Public Radio Station that played Big Band. It was fantastic.


    1. Alpert made some fantastic music and brought some of the better artists (including Wes Montgomery and Gato Barbieri) to A&M Records.

      The “happy sax” smooth jazz music I can do without, but I like many of the guitarists, some of whom are remarkable straight-ahead players, particularly Lee Ritenour and Larry Carlton.


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