Another #1LinerWeds from Facebook

One of my friends posted this before Irma, and I like the idea.

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now here’s Dennis James for Old Gold cigarettes.

20 thoughts on “Another #1LinerWeds from Facebook

  1. Well, it certainly would be interesting to hear his voice for the weather, especially bad weather. I believe people are going to smoke whether or not they watch the commercials.


  2. Since laughed out loud because that would be hilarious…..and creepy. I can just picture people freaking out about the weather if the person had his voice.


    1. You just have to imagine Peter Lorre saying “Tonight, partly cloudy, a forty percent chance of thunderstorms, especially after midnight, low in the upper fifties.” Then it makes sense.


  3. John,

    I was happy to see that ad spots for cigarettes removed from TV. It doesn’t seem to have hurt the sale of the product. In my stupid years (teens) I smoked for a short time and I’m very glad that I gave it up. It’s a horrible habit that leads to a lot of health problems. What we don’t realize when we’re stupid is life is complicated enough on its own and we don’t need to purposely add to it! You’d think scientific research and studies is enough proof to not do something that isn’t good for you but then people still do it. Oh well…vintage commercials are always fun to watch.

    I didn’t recall the name Peter Lorre until I Googled him but I knew him instantly at first sight. He not only sounds a little creepy but looks a little creepy no matter what character he plays. I’m not sure what the connection is between Lorre and James is, though. I see the prompt is “many voices”, but I’m not getting it. Maybe it’s just me. Sometimes I’m little ( a lot) slow. blush


    1. There’s no actual connection between Dennis James and Peter Lorre, unless Dennis liked horror movies or Peter liked game shows. It was just one of those random events.

      I smoked all through high school and college and pretty much until I moved to Atlanta, then suddenly, I didn’t want to smoke anymore. They ended cigarette commercials on January 1, 1971, which is just about the time I started smoking. Mom smoked like a chimney all her life, and I think that had more to do with it than anything. So did Dad and most of my aunts and uncles. The point is, the ads had little to do with the habit, and if you watch a lot of the ads, they were people trying to convince you to switch from one brand to another, essentially assuming that the viewer is already a smoker. Yeah, it’s a lousy habit and I’m glad I quit, but I missd it sometimes.

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      1. John,

        Okay, thanks for the clarification of the two men. I’m glad it wasn’t a case of me being “too slow” to understand. lol I’m glad you gave up smoking. Nothing good comes from that horrible habit. Both my parents smoked in my early years but then mom gave it up. Daddy kept smoking for years, then he stopped. Sometimes, he’d go back to it but he hasn’t smoked in years. He has black lung so smoking isn’t good for him and he generally has a lot of lung-related issues during the cold/flu season. It’s really worrisome, too. Right now, I have a very dear aunt in the hospital with double pneumonia on a ventilator. You probably guessed, she’s a smoker on top of which she has Lupus. She’s had poor health for 30+ years. I love this woman to pieces, too! Please keep her in your prayers. They have her in the critical ill unit. That sounds scary. I’m going to try to call the hospital today to see if my uncle is with her and at the very least speak to a nurse to relay a message to her. Have a good day, my friend!


    1. When you watch the news tonight, try and imagine the forecaster speaking like Mr. Moto. Or imagine him saying “The National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning, with frequent cloud-to-ground lightning, dime-sized hail, and torrential rain…”


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