Two For Tuesday: Eddie Fisher

Crooner Eddie Fisher was the most successful pop singer in the early Fifties, before rock & roll and fallout from his affair and later marriage to Elizabeth Taylor got in the way. Between 1950 and 1956 he had 17 songs in the Top Ten and 35 in the Top 40.

1953’s “I’m Walking Behind You” went to #1 on both the Billboard and Cash Box surveys, and also reached #1 in the UK. He’s joined by Sally Sweetland and Hugo Winterhalter and His Orchestra.

His last Top Ten single was “Cindy, Oh Cindy,” in late 1956. It reached #10 on the Billboard chart, #9 on the Cash Box chart, and #5 in the UK. He’s again joined by Winterhalter’s Orchestra and Chorus.

Fisher did enjoy some success on the Adult Contemporary chart in the Sixties, reaching #12 in 1961 with “Tonight” (from West Side Story), #2 in 1966 with “Games That Lovers Play”, and #4 the following year with “People Like You”. He died in 2010 of complications following hip surgery.

Eddie Fisher, your Two For Tuesday, September 26, 2017.

14 thoughts on “Two For Tuesday: Eddie Fisher

  1. John,

    I know Eddie Fisher by name but was not familiar with his songs. I do remember “Tonight” from West Side Story but did not know it was his song. He had a great voice and I definitely like his contemporary style. Janie’s factoid about Eddie is so sad. I did not know this about the man. Was it the drugs making him out of control that caused people to dislike him? How horrible to have so much going for him and then to “throw it all away” as you put it! This is a sad story we read about all too often not only in past celebrity lives but today stars. When you’re on top of the world, you never think that the world can crash down around you leaving you penniless or fading youth/beauty or vocal strength or what have you until it’s gone, gone, gone! What a waste! Thanks for sharing Fisher’s mewsic with me/us.


    1. The thing that killed his career was running off with Elizabeth Taylor, leaving Debbie Reynolds with two young daughters. Whether drugs played a factor in it or not, I’m not sure; drugs did in his voice, for certain. Very sad.

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      1. Oh, yeah i forget he was married to Debbie Reynolds. How horrible to throw his marriage and little girls away for another woman. It’s a shame when people don’t place importance on relationships. Kids suffer the most in these situations. Truly sad!

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  2. Despite Eddie Murphy being a real jerk, he had a very good voice and it was so nice listening to this. My mom, loved the ’50s music when she was much older because it was her time to have fun. She came over in 1956 to Canada and she met my dad in 1959. The ’60s were wonderful times for her as well since she was with my dad and that’s when my brother and I were born. Thanks for showcasing this because it made me think of my mom during happy times. I hope you are feeling better this week. I love heat so that works best for me. I wonder….is there an outdoor store near you, like Big Bass or a place that sells kayaks etc….? The reason is they may have the water socks you need there.


    1. I think his career really tanked when he ran off with Elizabeth Taylor. The network canceled his show, and although he had long since fallen out of the top ten, it took a few years before any of his songs even charted.

      We have a couple of chains here, Dick’s Sporting Goods and The Sports Authority, but neither of them carries the pool shoes large enough for me. But you’ve given me an idea, to check the outdoor sports stores. Thanks!


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