Do Dew Due Doo Doo #socs

“Heartbreaker,” by the Rolling Stones, from Goat’s Head Soup.

It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the prompt. You know me.

Due to the trouble I’m having with my knees, I’ve been staying upstairs in my office a lot. Not the ideal situation (I’d rather be downstairs with Mary, though I’m sure she appreciates the time off from me), but one must make do in situations like this one. I’m anxious to start the physical therapy that, God willing, will strengthen my legs enough to where dealing with stairs is no longer an issue. I contacted Speedo about the pool shoes, and they said that their standard sizes have enough stretch that I shouldn’t have any problem with them. They recommended a size, and I chose to order a couple of pairs in the next size up. They’re due some time next week (at the latest, the following Monday), so if they fit I’ll be able to call and get myself on the schedule with the physical therapist. Pray that I’m able to get on her list

In the meantime, I’ve been reading blog posts and commenting, I’ve listened to more baseball the last few nights than I have all season (which ends this Sunday, at least for the hometown boys and the White Sox), and I’m giving Spotify another chance. They’ve made some definite improvements to the user interface, and made it much easier to work with, so I’m kind of enjoying it. Not enough to pay the exorbitant fee for commercial-free and all the other goodies, but still enjoying it. Today I’m listening to the “80’s SophistiPop” station and hearing a few bands I was familiar with then (The Thompson Twins, Swing Out Sister, Level 42) and a whole lot of music that’s new to me.

I’ve also been playing with YouTube. For a person who thinks TV was better before cable, when all you had was the broadcast channels, it’s a gold mine. There are users that have whole videos of entire evenings of TV on one network, minus the actual programs, so what you end up with are the commercials, bumpers, station breaks, news updates, and anything else that was on, even portions of newscasts. You’d be surprised at how relaxing it is, and what a kick it is to take a look back at what was au courant back then. Kind of weird to see commercials for pantyhose again. I mean, do women even still wear them?

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now here’s Joyce Dewitt for Undie L’eggs pantyhose.

You just knew I would do something like that, didn’t you?

29 thoughts on “Do Dew Due Doo Doo #socs

  1. I knew you’d be here, John. Thanks for supporting my effort to cover for Linda without making a mess.

    I just showed the commercial to my wife. We both remember Leggs but we’re both struggling to remember these being called Undie Leggs, although she’s sure she wore them.

    I hope you get into PT and I hope it helps.

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  2. I just was at a pain clinic this past week a bit north of Toronto…well, the city centre. I am very hopeful because they will give me an infusion of lydacaine. I’m not sure if I spelled it correctly but it’s supposed to help with nerve ending being constantly stimulated. I wonder if anything like that would help you? I bought undielegs and those leg pantyhose . I actually thought they were really great. I hate pantyhose actually.


    1. I’ve had cortisone injections in both knees and they’re working pretty well against the pain. There’s lots of grinding in the joints, and sometimes they don’t feel stable, especially when dealing with stairs, which is why I’ve isolated myself upstairs most of the time. There is something called viscosupplementation, where they inject the knees with hyaluronic acid (taken from rooster comb) and it cushions the joints, taking the place of the pad between the bones, which I’ve apparently worn through. But I think losing about 80 pounds and getting PT for the legs to strengthen the muscles in my legs might be the best thing for it. Couldn’t hurt, anyway.


  3. Another TV ad my brain uselessly stored all those years ago – “our leggs fit your legs, they hug you they hold you – they never let you go.”

    And I didn’t even need the d@%# things. For a musician, a good jingle just sticks in your head. When someone says traditional advertising doesn’t work, they’re full of it. It works, even if the advertiser doesn’t get the sale.


    1. It’s effective enough that it becomes a meme. (Read Richard Brodie’s “Virus Of The Mind” for a better explanation of memes than I could ever give.) Dad told the story (so this was over fifty years ago) of being driven by one of the secretaries (again, over fifty years ago) singing the Ken-L Ration jingle (“My dog’s bigger than your dog…”) over and over on an elevator. That’s what good advertising does, work its way into your subconscious so that you end up spreading it, even if you don’t use the product.


  4. I remember wearing those Undie L’eggs, but I don’t remember them having that name. I don’t know what they would have been called though. They were different from regular L’eggs because they had undies (what else?). They were truly ugly. I can’t remember the last time I wore pantyhose. I hate them! The top rolls down and the crotch sags. Sometimes during the winter if we get a truly chilly day I wear tights with a skirt. Tights are heavier than hose, and I’ve found a brand that’s comfortable. Probably more than you wanted to know. I hope your pool shoes arrive soon. A few years ago I had a knee injury (not as serious as your problem). Gentle exercise in the pool helped a lot.



    1. There was another brand called Underalls that Mary used to wear that were the same kind of thing. Might those have been the ones you’re thinking of?

      I’m anxious to get started with PT because I’m anxious to get my life back. I’m just worried I’ll get the shoes then have to wait because there’s no more pool time. The facility run by the hospital is only open twice a week and is only open until 6. There’s a physical therapy facility not operated by the hospital not too far from here, but I don’t know if my insurance covers it. That’s my last resort.


  5. I wore panty hose but always wore underwear too, even if it said it had “undies.” I just never felt covered enough. Hated the darn things and never wear them now. I remember the commercial though. Hope the knees get better soon, John.


  6. Yep panty hose that fell down were a pain! lol Sorry your knees are not great. I was really struggling with stairs but exercises have helped though I’ve had to persevere with them. It was either that or some kind of intervention and I wasn’t ready for that. Hope you get the PT sorted soon.


    1. I don’t either. I mean, I don’t wear pantyhose but I do watch TV and would remember if I had seen this commercial.

      I got the idea for including commercials from Ben Minnotte, the guy who does the Oddity Archive on YouTube. For a while he was adding random commercials into his videos. When I started doing The Week That Was, I thought it would be fun to do the same, and it kind of took off from there.

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  7. EVERYTHING is on YouTube. That’s where I learned everything from how to fix my washing machine to brushing up on how to perform a central line catheter dressing change!


    1. Mary knits and crochets, and when she doesn’t know how to do something, she goes out and looks it up. In fact, when one of her friends calls wanting to know how to do something, she sends them out there. I’ve been following some physical therapists who do lymphatic drainage, so I can learn to take care of some of it myself, and if I had waited 50 years to learn guitar, it would have been much more pleasant learning from the lessons out there. It’s amazing, a tremendous resource.

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    1. Spotify is definitely more for the youngsters than other online music-streaming services, but they do have a lot for the older generation (that’s us).

      You can learn just about anything on YouTube. Free. It’s amazing how many people are willing to share their knowledge for nothing more than the exposure. (I can see where that could help if you were looking to be hired by someone as a contractor or adjunct professor.) Several universities (among them Stanford and Harvard) put some of their lectures out there, too.

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  8. Sending good wishes for your continued health improvement, John.
    I love your posts – they drop into my inbox the following morning, and I enjoy them with coffee.

    I know it’s the style to wear dresses without stockings (note to women: that doesn’t always look good). I wouldn’t wear a dress without also wearing pantyhose, and I haven’t worn a dress in ten years. 😉


    1. Mary wore thigh-high stockings the last time she wore a dress (which I think was at my cousin’s wedding the Saturday after 9/11) but ditched the pantyhose after my brother’s wedding in ’98. She said she could never be a Baptist because she didn’t wear hats or pantyhose.

      Thanks for the encouragement!

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  9. Best wishes for a speedy and easy recovery. Being sidelined sucks.
    I haven’t worn hosie-panties for decades. But when I did, one of the brands was L’eggs. The packaging gimmick worked for me, and as I recall the stockings fit OK.
    My first reaction to your positive comments about entire videos withOUT the programming was, “Are you kidding?” But upon reflection, I think I could get into that. If you could share a link to one of these videos, I’d appreciate it!
    Cheers, John!


      1. Thank you John!! I have just watched the first ad for the Jolly Green Giant and I am already hooked. I even recognize the voice over talent – Georgia Engel aka Georgette from the Mary Tyler Moore show – I think I’m going to enjoy these!


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