Time May Change Me, But I Can’t Trace Time (Writer’s Workshop)

I feel a song coming on… From 1979, The Little River Band, “Cool Change.”

I talked about “yacht rock” on Monday, which is just a form of “lite rock” (or, as I like to call it, “lite rawk”), and much of the Little River Band’s music fits the description, which is basically “light rock listened to by wealthy Yuppies while they’re on their yachts.”

You don’t hear about Yuppies (“young urban professionals,” if you aren’t familiar with the term) anymore. They’re still around, I’m sure, but they’re not called that anymore. At least I don’t think so. They’ve morphed into something different. I mean, the original Yuppies were Baby Boomers and are now all in their late fifties, early sixties, and I think the term was used so disparagingly that members of subsequent generations (their children, maybe?) did their best not to become them.

I never watched the TV show How I Met Your Mother, but the Neil Patrick Harris character (“Barney,” I think was his name) was kind of the quintessential Yuppie. Suit and tie, attitude, at least from what I gather.

Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother (source)

Anyway, enough of that.

There used to be a lot of radio stations that had a “lite rock” format, such as WCLR in Chicago, which started out playing beautiful music, then changed formats.

Johnny Mathis, Barbra Streisand, and Frank Sinatra, “lite rock” artists? That was the Seventies for you. Anyway, they changed formats in 1989 to “hot adult contemporary” and their call letters to WTMX, “The Mix.” Changing call letters generally goes along with a change in format, but WQXI-FM in Atlanta changed their call letters to WSTR-FM and continued playing the same music. Go figure.

Speaking of “change” music (well, I was earlier), here’s another “yacht rock” favorite, Jimmy Buffett’s “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes,” from 1977.

And, while I’m at it… here’s David Bowie, from 1972. Not yacht rock, but it fits.

I wanted to be, among other things, a disc jockey when I was younger (I bet that comes as a great shock to you, doesn’t it?), but somewhere along the way, I changed. I miss that kid who used to play disc jockey in his room. And the kid who dreamed of being a big rock star. I sit sometimes and wonder when the hell all that changed.

12 thoughts on “Time May Change Me, But I Can’t Trace Time (Writer’s Workshop)

  1. Ah, all those dreams of yesteryear…How well I know them. I bet you would’ve made a great DJ. I worked in classic rock radio as an advertising sales rep for a number of years (2 stations: WCXR in Washington DC and KPEZ Z-102 in Austin…neither of which are that format anymore) and used to hang out and party with the jocks a lot. What a fun bunch! We got in trouble a few times too. In fact I guess it was my fault that the station instituted a new rule: no more drinking while working remotes (we did a lot of live remotes at bars and I was known as the “Chill Out Queen” — WCXR Chill Outs is what we called the bar renotes and I had a ton of bar and beer clients; anyway I cracked up my car on the way home from one after partying a little too hard one night —but it was all Joe Jacoby’s (a Redskin) fault because he kept buying me shots all night. Anyway, that’s another story but it was the end of drinking at remotes. (The staff grumbled about it for awhile but we just got high in the parking lots instead. Lol) That was a really fun career. Of course I was a lot younger then.
    Do you remember the band Firefall? Larry Burnett was a DJ at CXR. He was cool –he worked evenings and also produced a Blues show every week. In fact I’m going to feature Firefall in the next 4M Freebie week.
    I wish you would’ve been a DJ John. I’m sure you would’ve loved it. We’re too old to do that shit anymore though…

    Loved the dolphins video and Little River Band’s Cool Changes. I saw them several years ago at a fabulous outdoor venue here in Austin. Great show. They have a wonderful body of work.

    Wow, you really got me reminiscing this morning John! Have a great day. Thanks for making mine…

    Michele at Angels Bark

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    1. Radio stations change formats constantly. Some of the older stations hold on to the original format for a while, then abruptly change for no apparent reason. WCFL (owned by the Chicago Federation of Labor) used to broadcast primarily union news, with some music and White Sox games, until 1965, when they went Top 40, then abruptly changed formats to “beautiful music.” They’re now the ESPN station in Chicago (The Score). WLS was mostly farm news and the like until 1960, when they went Top 40, then changed in 1987 to news-talk. Now, AM radio is mostly talk and Spanish-language music, and FM is stations that change formats constantly. I just listen to music online anymore… I’ve uploaded my music to Amazon Music and listen to it there, or I use iHeart, TuneIn, and lately Spotify. And, of course, there’s YouTube…

      For all the good my degree has done me, I might as well have just found a job with a radio station after high school and worked my way into it. The father of a friend of mine from high school was GM at WCFL, though I doubt he would have hired me. But, ya never know…

      I read up a little about Firefall, and I recognized some of their songs, so yes, I have heard of them. Sounds like a great idea for week after next (what’s next week’s theme, anyway?).


  2. Again, you spoke to the Chicago Kid in me. I especially loved Larry Lujack (Uncle Lar) and Little (snot-nosed) Tommy. Of course, their Animal Stories (started on WLS) was my favourite things to listen to! Do you have a favourite episode or two? Here is the link for Volume 1, Side 1. Not music, but definitely Chicago memories form the 1970s! Hugs.


    1. I have the album (actually a poorly-created DVD of the original). For some reason, I thought there were two… but that might just be me.

      A couple of my favorites are “Barney, The Headless Rooster” (apparently, when they tried to cut the head off the rooster to eat him for dinner, he stayed alive) and the one about the lady at the dog show…

      This lady is at a dog show with her Great Dane, and has to go to the restroom. Since the show is outside, there wasn’t a restroom, just a line of Porta-Potties. She can’t find anyone to hold her dog, so she has the dog sit and she goes into the facility, holding the leash, and shuts the door. While she’s in there, someone exits another one and lets the door slam. This spooks the dog, who takes off, pulling his owner out of the Porta-Potty, pants still around her ankles, and dragging her halfway across the grounds until she can get him to stop…

      It could have been worse: it could have tipped the Porta-Potty over…


  3. Yes Barney would definitely be classified a yuppie. I don’t listen to the radio anymore because of all the changes. You would have made a great DJ I am sure!


  4. Great selection today 🙂
    I know nothin about the radio business, but I do know Barney — and he’s sort of a yuppie wannabe. He’s a womanizer and a cad, but we love him still.


  5. Great post, John, and you would have been a great DJ. I don’t pay much attention to radio stations that changeup except I notice whether or not I like the change. I guess they feel they must stay relevant.


    1. We’ve had a few stations change format since I’ve been here: Peach 94.9 played soft rock and went to country, 96 Rock is now doing Top 40 after years as a classic rock station, Fox 97 (oldies) is now “The River” (classic rock), etc. Some I like,some I don’t, but then, I don’t listen to radio anymore…

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