The Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by County Fair. Baked with care!

This particular commercial video “reel” (there are about 25 commercials on it) was digitized for the Prelinger Archives by YouTube user A/V Geeks. Thanks to both!

The Week That Was

Yes, we get tropical storms this far north, if what the National Weather Service is calling all this rain we’re getting is correct. Hurricane Nate came onshore in Alabama and started making his way northward. I guess they have more to worry about north of us, but still, it’s rained since I got up and was really pouring here an hour ago. I’ve spent most of the past week in my office, giving my legs a rest and time to heal. You’ll be happy to know I found pool shoes, so I should be able to start physical therapy on my legs soon. How soon, well, we’ll find that out soon.

Here’s the update from this past week

My freebie was devoted to what is referred to as “yacht rock,” which is just “lite rock” listened to by rich Yuppies while they lounge around on their yachts. The term started as a joke, an insult really, that made fun of rich yuppies hanging out on their yachts. Whatever, I like a lot of it.

On Monday, we got the news that Tom Petty had died, and I wrote a tribute to him, then started hearing from people that he was clinging to life, so I added a disclaimer to my obituary. I needn’t have, as it turned out, because he was officially pronounced dead a few hours later. The Friday 5×2 commemorated his music.

Our subject on Tuesday was the oft-maligned Pat Boone, who was quite popular in the Fifties. Second only to Elvis, in fact. I guess I should point out that he made white bucks popular, too.

My one-liner was about foul language, or as I like to call it, “sentence enhancers.”

Sometimes I’m like a dog with a bone, as I returned to the subject of yacht rock and discussed yuppies and my early desire to be a disc jockey, a dream that, like so many other childhood dreams, fell by the wayside, pushed there by reality (my mother’s version of it, anyway).

Mary wanted me to clarify the safe story I told at the beginning: The safe in question was at the office of the German Red Cross, which was on a time lock the woman couldn’t open, but she needed to get into the safe, so she called a safecracker (a “yegg”) to get her in. Rather clever idea, I thought. Besides that story, I told the one about the wall safe in the master bedroom in the apartment where we lived in the early Sixties, and my determination to get into it, which of course I wasn’t able to do. My Uncle Jack asked if I hadn’t told a similar story about finding a lock and wanting to get the combination, and of course, he’s right, I had. Combination locks were never my strong suit.

The theme for tomorrow’s Monday’s Music Moevs Me is “songs about autumn.” I’ll do one of my occasional Wednesday for my Wife stories about another bizarre hobby of mine. Have to pick an artist for Two for Tuesday, dig in to my collection of one-liners for Wednesday, wait for prompts for Thursday and Saturday, and decide on the ten songs I’ll feature on Friday.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

14 thoughts on “The Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving Week That Was

  1. The best news to me is that you found pool shoes! That is great. It’s been quite the week of sadness from the shooter at Las Vegas to Tom Petty passing away. This is a time when we must reflect at how much we truly have….and I don’t mean stuff


  2. Hi John – sure hope you can get some pool therapy soon – especially now you’ve found your shoes. Those commercials are classics – cheers Hilary


    1. No, it was the next commercial on the video I’ve been using. There are about 20 of them on there, and I’m just walking through them one at a time. The Bounty commercial (which shows up on Wednesday) is the one the image is taken from, but the commercial itself is for a bakery. I’m not sure I understand the connection to this week’s news…


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