The Halfway-Thru-October Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson’s Micrin oral antiseptic. Most effective mouthwash you can buy to stop bad breath germs!

I think we used Micrin at home a time or two. Kind of like Scope, but the commercials weren’t as much fun.

The Week That Was

Summer’s been hanging on here, but we’ll get some relief this week. I go to the orthopedist on Thursday to see about hyaluronic acid injections. The stuff is supposed to replace the fluid in the knees and provide more of a cushion. I was going to start aquatic therapy, but Mary thought I might want to do this first. So that’s what I’ll do. Here’s the summary from last week.

The theme this week was songs about autumn. I had a little trouble with it, but came up with ten anyway, then received ten suggestions for Friday and several after that was published, which I’ve added to the playlist. Thanks to Mark and Martha for their suggestions.

The featured artist was Nat King Cole. He had a remarkably full career, both in music and in television, and died when he was just 45.

I fell back on one of my favorite quotable writers, H. L. Mencken, for this week’s one-liner. He’s a veritable font of them.


I told another story on myself, this one about the collection of (empty) liquor bottles I amassed in my attempt at turning my bedroom into a swingin’ bachelor pad in the Sixties. Mom put up with it much longer than I thought she would.

The prompt I chose was to “write a post inspired by the word ‘homework’.” I talked about the current trend of not assigning homework to kids, with the hope they’ll spend more time with their families, read a book that’s not required for school, or get to bed early so they can be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the next morning. Naturally, there were a lot of strong opinions about it, most of which were that, while necessary, homework shouldn’t be too excessive. I’m inclined to agree, because I know me well enough to know that, when I wasn’t assigned homework, I didn’t do anything.

Our prompt was “well,” so I started a word with it (Wellbutrin) and ended one with it (inkwell, as in “Out Of The Inkwell”), giving me an excuse to show some Max Fleischer cartoons.

As soon as I finish this, I’ll be working on my Battle of the Bands, so look for that later. Tomorrow is a freebie on M4, and since it’s also my parents’ 63rd wedding anniversary, I’ll probably come up with something special. Another artist from the Baby Boom Years on Tuesday, andother one-liner on Wednesday, I’ll have to see the prompts for Thursday and Saturday, and I’ll have to come up with something special for Friday. In short, another typical week here at The Sound of One Hand Typing.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

5 thoughts on “The Halfway-Thru-October Week That Was

  1. Good luck with the injections. Now I’m understanding how bad you have it. 😦 Feeling sorry for you whether you want it or not. Ordinarily, I’d tell you to eat lots of fish, take fish oil, find new and exciting ways to consume turmeric, but you’ve got BAD arthritis. Just wishing you improvement, no matter how it comes.


    1. I’m taking the fish oil and turmeric, and a lot of Aleve. I think the cortisone shot worked very well at taking the pain away, but I’m not steady when I walk more than a few feet (I actually have to use my wheelchair when I go out of the house), and forget going down the stairs (I sit on them and slide down). I think the injections will help me do all the above.


    1. The only reason I appear so smooth and organized is because I’ve been doing it for over three years. And even then, sometimes I read over something and think “that’s not that good” and publish it anyway, because, as Kristen Lamb says, the world doesn’t appreciate perfection as much as it appreciates finished. Sometimes those are the most popular posts, too…


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