The Week That Was from Software Hades

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by Crest. More dentists recommend Crest than any other brand!

Which reminds me, I have a dentist appointment on Wednesday. The last one was pretty good, meaning this one will probably be lousy.

The Week That Was

You’re probably wondering about the title of this post. You can skip all this and go to the update if you want.

I recorded a bunch of songs yesterday using Audio Hijack and wanted to update the tags on the files before I uploaded them to iTunes. I found some software that will do the job, but it was for Windows. Nevertheless, they said I could run it under Wine. I had Wine installed, so I ran the install program. It kept throwing exceptions during the install, and when I tried to run it, it blowed up real good. I remembered the last time I installed Wine, I used Homebrew to install it. No problem: I’ll just open Terminal, type in “brew upgrade wine,” and all will be well. I did that and sat back, expecting all kinds of messages that Wine is being installed. And waited. I ran to the bathroom, came back, and it was still doing something. Turns out that all that time it was updating Homebrew in preparation for installing Wine, and told me (a) I had to delete a directory and run the update again, and (b) I need a later release of Xcode to install Wine. No problem. I deleted the directory, updated Homebrew, and tried the Wine install again. Still tells me I need a newer Xcode.

Starting to wonder if I shouldn’t just update the stuff through iTunes after all, I go to the App Store, which I haven’t done in a while because it gives me grief each time, I see there’s an update for Xcode and tried doing the upgrade. No dice, because the Xcode I wanted to install was for MacOS High Sierra. Fine. I installed High Sierra, which I figured would take an hour at the most.

Two and a half hours later, High Sierra is installed, and I assumed that Xcode would have been upgraded along with the rest of my system (which is now running slower than whale excrement), so I tried Homebrew again, and discovered no, upgrading the operating system does not upgrade Xcode. I still need to download and install it, then I can install Wine and this goofy freeware I downloaded to update the tags. Which I will do tomorrow, maybe, or maybe Tuesday, or maybe never.

Here’s the update.


First, the results of the last Battle of the Bands, which pitted Ben Selvin and His Orchestra featuring a vocal by Howard Phillips against saxophonist Freddy Gardner with the Peter Yorke Orchestra. Here are the results:

Ben Selvin: 5
Freddy Gardner: 10

Usually, when I pit a song with vocals against one without, the instrumental practically gets shut out, so this was a surprise. There were a few of you who said “I expected to vote for the vocal, but the instrumental was just so good.” There was a write-in vote for The Platters, whose version of the song was an album cut and was never released as a single.

Monday being Mom and Dad’s 63rd anniversary, I chose ten songs from October 1954 that I figured they might have liked. My Uncle Jack, who’s Mom’s brother and missed the wedding because he was inducted into the Army a couple of days before, remembered all of them well.

The top single from October 1954 was “Mister Sandman” by The Chordettes, which was why I chose them as Tuesday’s featured artist. Harmony as good as theirs usually comes from groups of relatives (siblings or cousins), but the ladies in The Chordettes were unrelated, or at best related by marriage.

This week’s one-liner came to us from Ron White, one of the four comedians in the Blue Collar comedy group, which also includes Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, and Bill Engvall.


I recounted my first election in the City of Chicago, in which I caused all kinds of grief for one of my neighbors by casting a write-in vote.

I was supposed to write a post inspired by the word “film,” and I did, kind of, writing about my trip to Rochester, New York to meet with the technical folks at Eastman Kodak, a company that just so happens to make film. Let’s just say it was an adventure.

Great news! Sandi, who started Manic Monday, has returned! Her prompt was “Hello Again” by The Cars, and I was supposed to use that as a prompt for my post. I split the words up and created a playlist that had five songs with “hello” in the title and five that had “again” in it. I’ve got five suggestions for “hello” songs and a couple for “again” songs, so any more suggestions are welcome, especially if you have a suggestion for an “again” song.

Linda chose “season” as the prompt, and as the final series of the 2017 Major League Baseball season starts on Tuesday, I wrote about the plans for those of us who aren’t fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers or the Houston Astros (who won their series against the New York Yankees last night, so congratulations are in order). I’ve given up the practice of choosing which team I’d like to win if neither of my teams (the White Sox and the Braves) is in the Series, but as the Astros, then in the National League, were swept in four straight by the White Sox in 2005, I’m kind of torn between wanting them to win and wanting them to be the first team to lose as the representatives of both the National and American Leagues. If, on the other hand, the League Championship series had yielded a series between the Cubs and Yankees, I’d have wanted both of them to lose…

No surprises are planned this week, unless I find a need to gripe about this software installation from Hell some more.

Dan Antion, Birgit, Fandango, Janet, Chas Fox (Uncle Jack’s cousin, making me a cousin once removed, and huge White Sox fan), Uncle Jack Connelly, lecycliste, J-Dub, New Epic Author, 15andmeowing, Lauralynn Elliott, brother Kip, Sandi, GhostMMNC, Arlee Bird, Eugenia, Madam Dreamweaver, Annie @ McGuffy’s Reader, WendyJ59, HilaryMB, Maggie Wilson, JoAnna, Jeanne Owen, Stomper Dad, Debi O’Neille, Barbara, XmasDolly, J.Gi Federizo, Martha Reynolds, Mary B, Cathy Kennedy, Alana Mautone, Michele, Janie Junebug, Mike, Stephen, Robin, Alex J. Cavanaugh, and everyone who left a “like.”

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny pages!

18 thoughts on “The Week That Was from Software Hades

  1. Sorry you spent a weekend yak shaving. ( Had a similar experience Friday getting a Python dev environment set up on my MacBook. But at least they pay me for that.

    I know you were using OS X, but that sort of thing is why I don’t use Linux for personal stuff all that much. When I’m trying to play radio or electronics or something, I end up chasing down bugs or version incompatibilities or somesuch, and never quite get to what I set out to do.


    1. Now that I’m retired, I do 95% of everything in a browser, so messing with software is something I rarely end up doing anymore. As such, when I need to use something, it normally involves upgrading everything that goes around it. It’s also how I can use Linux on my laptop, because a browser is a browser regardless of where you are.


  2. That’s too bad about the software. I don’t understand most of what’s on my computer, so I understand even less about what’s on yours, but the frustration is completely understood!
    That instrumental was SO GOOD tho 🙂
    Good luck with dentist!


    1. It’s all fixed now. Took most of the day yesterday, but it’s running great now. Oh, and while I was doing all of that, I found the program I was thinking of to change the tags on the audio files. I installed it a couple of years ago… but that’s OK, I went ahead with the install once I figured out what I was doing wrong.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. John,

    It looks like I sided with the winner in this round of BoTB. It’s funny how these battles can go down sometimes. I had a slight hiccup with my computer last week. I think if I hadn’t been bombarded with bad mews and little sleep last week then it would’ve made purrfect sense to me from the start but it didn’t. Long story short, I got a new iMac and used Migration Assistant to move everything from my MacBook Air over but kept getting an error that my old computer had a new OS than my new one. It took me two days to realize that I had to go to the App store to download the newest version of High Sierra. smack forehead I felt like a big goof! Once I did that the migration process took about an hour to my surprise. That was super fast in my opinion! Oh well…you can’t live with technology and you can’t live without it. Oh, the tangled web we weave! I will say this doing most things on the user-end is far easier today than it was 30 years ago. Software developers have made things super “friendly” for the consumer to make changes plus the gazillion step-by-step instructions found online is a fantastic help! Thanks for dropping by. I’m playing catch up this morning. I’ll be back by later to dance with you!


    1. No idea why this got chucked into the Spam folder. Sometimes Akismet acts weird.

      In the old days, I think they deliberately made it difficult to install software, but it was the programmer mentality: That’s the way I installed it, ergo, you have to do the same. Never mind there’s an easier and more direct way to do it.

      Have you noticed a slowdown since putting in High Sierra?


  4. I am going to the dentist today for a filling…yuck. When you spoke about you had to do to get wine, and you still don’t have it….I would have given up before I started..hahahaaa. I have n9 clue about these things and, when I have to do something about downloads, I call my ex. What a week and you were great with the Hello Shain and the word prompt


    1. Glad you liked everything, and I hope everything goes well with the dentist. Has the dentist told you that you need a root canal? Those really suck, pardon my French. If you can get by with just a filling, you’re lucky.


  5. Interesting outcome on your BOTB. I’d be interested to see how the vote broke down in respect to age. The Ben Selvin sound was “old-fashioned” so maybe it just didn’t appeal to some of the younger voters. Hard to say though.

    Tossing It Out


    1. I had a tooth pulled recently and am waiting for the periodontist to tell me that the implant he put in is stable enough for the dentist to screw the new tooth onto. I guess the implant required cadaver bone to stabilize it. On the plus side, I like the periodontist better than the dentist…


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