T-Shirt Wisdom #1LinerWeds

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word from our sponsors.

All coffee is mountain grown.

Ever wonder where Mr. Olsen is?

24 thoughts on “T-Shirt Wisdom #1LinerWeds

    1. We buy the cheap coffee for home. We just went back to a percolator from a drip coffeemaker, and the coffee is definitely better, even the cheap stuff. When I was in college, I drank Folger’s Instant, and thought it was pretty good.

      Writing isn’t that bad unless it is, right? 😀

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      1. A percolator? Where did you find one? There was a commercial about how great Folger’s instant was too. The fancy restaurant and the customers couldn’t tell it was Folger’s Instant…Actually Folger’s Instant was pretty good. 🙂


        1. Amazon had several models. Ours is an electric version, not a stovetop one. It was only about $40, the coffee doesn’t have a weird plastic taste, it’s good and hot, and the aroma is wonderful.

          Of all the instants, Folger’s might have been the best. Grandma swore by Taster’s Choice, and it was okay. I think instant was more popular with our parents’ generation; a lot of men returning after WWII liked it because they would get it with their rations.

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          1. Instant was very convenient. Used to drink Taster’s Choice as well. I used to have a Norelco Coffee Maker ( that made great coffee) and that machine lasted forever. It never broke down but we eventually couldn’t find a replacement for the caraffe.


            1. My folks had one, and there were actually companies that would fix them if they broke. Ours went into the shop a few times. And I’ll bet you could write Norelco and have them send you a new carafe…

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              1. I think we have thrown out the machine. My husband said he saw a Norelco on Ebay. It really never broke down. Goes with my theory that appliances were built to last in prior years and you could get things repaired. I read about a movement in present days to repair and not throw away things. There was one place in downtown LA that would fix things. A good idea. 🙂


                1. I was reading a blog today that talked about someone owning a refrigerator that had been in service since 1941. It was originally in her grandmother’s house, then was being used as a second refrigerator by the woman’s parents, and she bought her folks a new refrigeator and took the old one when she bought the grandmother’s house and was redecorating. That’s quality. Remember how hardware stores had a tube tester where you could take the tubes from your radio or TV, see which one wasn’t working, then buy a replacement? Now you just throw out the TV and buy a new onne…

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                  1. We have a refrigerator in our garage that was my mother in laws, that is probably at ;east 30 years old, that is still working. Not at long as 1941, that is amazing. Yes we used to repair our TVs or they just lasted for ever and did not need repair. We had a NEC TV not too long ago that needed one minor repair and was still working when we gave it away.

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    1. The drip brewers (e.g. Mr. Coffee) always gave the coffee a real plastic odor and taste. The percolator is all stainless steel, so you don’t get the foul odor or taste. Probably last a whole lot longer, too.

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