A Cold And Blustery Week That Was

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Nudity on TV? In the Sixties? Horrors!


The Week That Was

Suffice it to say we won’t be having a well digger’s convention here in the Atlanta Metro area today. Three weeks ago, we were dealing with 90° weather. Today we’ll be lucky to get to half of that. They assure me that it’ll be back to normal by midweek. I have my first session of aquatic therapy on Tuesday, and I’m kind of dreading it, not so much for the actual therapy, but for the logistics, i.e. getting myself ready for the pool and getting myself ready to go home. Guess it’ll just be one of those things I’ll need to figure out as I go along. Anyway, here’s the summary.

Monday’s theme was “vehicles,” and since the theme a month or so ago was “cars,” I did my best to avoid doing car songs. I still had one or two of them. This week, the theme is “Hallowe’en,” so I have no clue what I’ll come up with there. I may just have to repeat last year’s list. I’m not a Hallowe’en person, as I think I’ve mentioned about a thousand times.

Patti Page was the featured artist on Tuesday. Best known for “Tennessee Waltz,” she did both country and pop music and might have been the first crossover artist.

I think I touched a nerve among the writers among my readers, in a good way. It was a slogan I saw on a t-shirt and I got a lot of comments that said, “yep, that about covers it.” Or words to that effect. Not sure where you get the t-shirt; if I find it, I’ll be sure to link to it. My guess would be that someone on Etsy has just what you’re looking for.

This was the post that got the most comments, because everyone finds something different a bit creepy. Many of you remembered your own experiences with The Thing Maker, a hot plate that cooked the “Plastigoop” to make such creepy things as spiders and cockroaches. Plastic ones, of course, not the real thing. The Thing Maker was a creation of Mattel Toys, and it sold like hotcakes (no pun intended) until parents realized just how dangerous the thing was. Mattel’s spokescartoon was Matty, who sponsored “Matty’s Funday Funnies,” a Sunday cartoon show featuring all those great Harvey cartoons, like “Casper, the Friendly Ghost,” “Baby Huey,” and “Herman and Catnip,” but somehow left out “Hot Stuff,” maybe because he was the spawn of Satan.

We lost the great Antoine “Fats” Domino this past week, so I did a tribute to him on Friday.

Linda came up with a prompt of “which/witch/-wich.” I had no idea what to do with it, so I went out exploring and found something for each of them. And it worked much better than I expected it to.

No real surprises in store, although I still have to deliver a Manic Monday post for last week, the prompt for which is Aerosmith’s 1974 single “Same Old Song And Dance.” I really need to do something different…

Thanks to Ritu, Annie @ McGuffy’s Reader, Janet, J-Dub, New Epic Author, Eugenia, Birgit, Arlee Bird, Uncle Jack Connelly, HilaryMB, KSBeth, Abby, Sandi, Dan Antion, Kimberly, Jen E, Joey, David Webb, Lauralynn Elliott, Biker Chick, Michele, Frank Hubeny, Deborah Drucker, Judy E Martin, Jeanne Owens, 15AndMeowing, XmasDolly, Alana Mautone, Martha Reynolds, Cathy Kennedy, Ed Thierbach, Mike Spain, Jacqui Murray, and everyone who left a “like.”

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

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  1. It was a good week at John’s blog.
    I can’t speak for you, but I do dread the part where I leave the water and head to my car. :/ I LIKE cold and I still find it unpleasant. Sometimes I sit in the lobby until I’ve accepted it. lol


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