Monday’s Music Moves Me: All Hallows’ Eve

Last year, when I did the Hallowe’en M4 post, I said that I was tempted to point out that Hallowe’en is short for “All Hallow’s Eve,” the day before All Saints Day, the day Christians in general and Catholics in particular celebrate the lives of the saints, those holy people who demonstrated heroic faith in their lives. Well, this year, I’m going to do it. Tomorrow is the Feast of All Saints, so here are ten songs with “saint” in the title.

  1. Louis Armstrong, “When The Saints Go Marchin’ In” I played Fats Domino’s version of this a couple of days ago, so here’s Satchmo’s. It’s a Christian hymn that gets done by jazz musicians a lot.
  2. John Parr, “St. Elmo’s Fire (Man In Motion)” Theme song from the ultra-popular mid-Eighties Brat Pack coming-of-age film, it reached #1 for two weeks in September 1985.
  3. Cab Calloway, “St. James Infirmary Blues” Xmas Dolly will like this one, as it’s from the animated feature Betty Boop’s Snow White. As I said a few weeks ago, Max Fleischer was a genius. That’s Koko the Clown that looks like he’s singing it, and the dog character sitting on Betty’s casket is Bimbo.
  4. Eartha Kitt, “St. Louis Blues” The person who created this video added a scene from Ms. Kitt’s first appearance as Catwoman on Batman, but it didn’t detract from her vocal performance, taken from the 1958 biopic of W. C. Handy, which starred her and Nat King Cole. And yes, Billy Preston played Handy as a boy.
  5. Aly Bain with Jerry Douglas and Russ Barenberg, “St. Anne’s Reel” According to this, no one is quite sure where this tune came from, or when it was written, but here’s it’s played by Scottish fiddler Bain, who makes it sound like an Irish reel. It’s also popular among bluegrass players.
  6. David Bowie, “All Saints” From the 1991 release of David’s 1977 album Low, this wasn’t on the original album, but was a bonus track. Sounds like a synthesizer solo by producer Brian Eno.
  7. Chris DeBurgh, “St. Peter’s Gate” From his 1999 album Quiet Revolution. Chris has a pretty amazing catalog of albums, and the only thing I can remember hearing by him was “The Lady In Red.”
  8. Metallica, “Saint Anger” Title track from their 2003 album. I knew someone would suggest it, and added it in advance.
  9. The Rolling Stones, “Saint Of Me” From their 1997 album Bridges To Babylon, it reached #26 in the UK but only #94 in the US. Wikipedia notes that Keith Richards was noticeably absent for this session.
  10. Choir of King’s College, Cambridge, “For All The Saints” I classify this as a Catholic drinking song, even though it was written by William Walsham How, Anglican bishop of Wakefield. The melody is by Vaughan Williams, who called it “Sine Nomine,” literally “Without Name.” The whole song is eleven verses, and can be found on Wikipedia.

Have any more suggestions?

That’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for October 30, 2017.

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42 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: All Hallows’ Eve

  1. I love these picks and I wish I could think of one but it’s too early for me:) For some reason I feel like Doris Day would have sang something with Saint in it along with Kate Smith


    1. Doris did “Ol’ Saint Nicholas,” and it’s close enough to Christmas to add it to the list. Couldn’t find anything Kate Smith did with “Saint” in it, but I’ll have to feature her during the latest Two for Tuesday series. She had a ton of songs, though I’m not sure how many were hits, and had a TV show in the Fifties. Certainly someone noteworthy, anyway.


  2. John,

    Nice twist on Halloween tunes today. You have a nice playlist of “Saint” songs. Louie Armstrong, “When the Saints Come Marching In” is undoubtedly my favorite but “St. Anne’s Reel” is a might close second. I love the Celtic fiddle playing. I recall Chris DeBurgh’s “Lady in Red” but I had not heard “St. Peter’s Gate” before now. Nice discovery! I could not think of any “Saint” songs, so I asked Google and a few came back. I thought surely I would know some of them but I listened to three (Saints by Motley Crue, Saint Isabella by Foo Fighters, The Saints Are Coming by U2) and there were new-to-me. You did a heavenly job on today’s mewsic lineup, my friend. Thanks for joining the 4M on the dance floor!


    1. I could have sworn I had run across “St. Isabella” in my searches for songs, but I can’t find it. The Foo Fighers did do “St. Cecilia,” so I put that one in. I added the other two you came up with as well.

      When I looked up Chris DeBurgh, it shocked me just how many albums the guy had. We’ve barely heard much from him, but he’s been around for years and has about twenty albums. Ditto John Parr, who did “St. Elmo’s Fire.” There are probably lots of guys like them, who’ve been around forever and we’ve barely heard of. Quite strange…


  3. I don’t know of any others offhand, but I love that clip of St. James Infirmary. I’ve been tempted to use that in a BOTB post, but still haven’t added it to my list–too many there already.

    Tossing It Out


  4. I really like your saintly twist on what has become the modern Hallowe’en! I’m not really into classical music, but I end up singing it quite a bit … many composers have taken their turn at St. Matthew Passion and St. John Passion. Bach’s St. Matthew Passion is particularly moving for me. My college choir director not only translated it for us (which was the moving part for me), he used it to teach us how to sing German when you don’t know German. πŸ™‚


    1. Satchmo’s the best. Didn’t matter that he couldn’t sing that well, he sang anyway and made everything sound good. His duets with Ella Fitzgerald are amazing: Ella’s got a tremendous voice, his wasn’t, but they really complemented each other. And his trumpet playing… he was a ground-breaker.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. You got me. I got nothin’. Your grandmother and her sisters went to St. Xavier high school in Chicago and they used to sing their school song, “St. Xavier Dear St. Xavier” but I don’t think that counts. Nice song list!


  6. John, I saw what you put in a message about Angelina Jordan – I Put A Spell On You, and I didn’t think anyone could beat Bette Midler, but you’re right. Fantastic! Thanks for letting me know about that one. She is one to reckon with for sure!!! All Saints day a holy day of obligation and don’t forget the following day is All Souls day! Bless you my friend! Have a great evening! hugs


  7. A number of hymns came to mind, but secular songs with the word “saints”? Hmmm. I’ll have to give this some thought, but I’m coming up empty. I’m impressed you thought of so many.


  8. Song called “Saints and Angels” by the Waterboys (I hazily remembered hearing a song called Saints and Angels–not sure if it was this song or a song by a country artist (Saints & Angels) named Sara Evans. I’m not familiar with the Waterboys or Sara Evans; feel free to ignore this comment, which is made out of my ignorance.


  9. Hey John,
    I like the very creative path you took on this Halloween theme. It’s awesome! Great playlist. My favorite song here, which is new to me and I really like it, is Chris DeBurgh’s “St Peter’s Gate”. Thanks for the introduction.
    And also to the Stones’ “Saint of Me.” I never heard that before. It’s good! I’m surprised it only charted to #94 here.

    I really enjoyed “St Anne’s Reel” — I love that Scottish/Irish music. They have an annual Celtic Festival here in Austin and I’ve heard some fantastic music there. There was a band there one year who blew me away and I ended up buying 4 of their CDs that day. The band is Seven Nations and they are a fusion of rock and Celtic music. Fabulous!

    Hope you had a fun Halloween.

    Michele at Angels Bark


  10. I don’t think I’d heard Saint of Me in 20+ years. Kinda forgot about that track. Makes me wonder what else is on that album I no longer listen to…
    Great playlist!


    1. I don’t remember ever hearing it, since I never had the album and either it didn’t get airplay in Chicago or I wasn’t listening at the right time. Glad you liked the list! I’ve added a couple of songs, suggestions from Stephen that didn’t get in.

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  11. I enjoyed this with a couple of house guests and my husband last night, and just realized I forgot to comment. Saints on Halloween – why not? You wouldn’t believe some of the detours we took because of your videos – Betty Boop led (don’t ask) to Private Snafu, and “For All the Saints” to “Jerusalem”. Had a blast, and learned a new Rolling Stones song – my husband knew it but I didn’t.


    1. When you said “Jerusalem,” my immediate thought was of this hymn, “The Holy City.” It’s one of my favorite songs.

      “Private Snafu” cartoons were drawn by some of the Warner Bros. artists (can’t remember which) and Mel Blanc provided the voices. They’re classics!


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