Manic Monday: Turning the Page

Sandi’s latest prompt for Manic Monday is Bob Seger’s 1973 song “Turn The Page.” It’s a pretty good song, not one of my favorites, but good nonetheless.

“Turn The Page” makes me think of the old movies where, at the beginning, there’s a book. A pair of hands reach for the book and flip it open to the title page, and continue flipping the pages through all the credits until the beginning of the story, when the book would fade into the first scene of the movie. At the end, when the hero and heroine are kissing, that scene fades back to the book, where the hands flip to a page that says “THE END,” usually in ornate lettering, then they close the book to show the title of the movie on the cover in gold leaf as the music reaches a crescendo.

The 1952 movie Invitation had a variation on the theme, where instead of a book they used invitation notecards. Same kind of a deal. (Notice one of the stars was Ray Collins, who played Lt. Tragg on Perry Mason.)

The theme from the movie has become a standard, with such jazz luminaries as Joe Henderson, John Coltrane, Stan Getz, Art Blakey and Ahmad Jamal having recorded it. My favorite version is Maynard Ferguson’s from 1976, which was used as the background music for WFLD’s (Channel 32 Chicago) Community Calendar segment.

Anyway, all that’s beside the point I was going to make. I went all stream of consciousness on you, and my train of thought jumped the tracks.

Our lives are like that. They’re full of stories: school days, people you dated, people you loved and lost, jobs, marriages, divorces, and on and on. You start a new book, if you will, with each new beginning, and when that story is finished, you see the page that says “THE END,” shut the book and move on to the next one. Sometimes the characters from one book are in the next book, some leave, never to return, others leave for a few of the books and rejoin, and so on.

The thing to remember is that you’re in charge. If you don’t like the “book,” you can “slam it shut,” cast it aside, pick up another, and start to read it. Or, for that matter, write a different book with a different outcome. Don’t just hang in there with the same story if you don’t like it, or keep writing it if you decide what you’re writing is stupid. You can decide “screw this noise, I’m moving on.”

Just be ready for the old “story” to try and lure you back. I quit a job once and, at my exit interview, they offered me a different job, with more money and regular hours. I thought about it for a few minutes, then realized I’d still be working for the same people and it’d be the “same old song and dance,” to borrow from last week’s prompt. Another time, I got really aggravated with my boss (the one I talked about last week), wrote my resignation, went in and threw it on his desk. I was fool enough to let him talk me into staying. He ended up making my life miserable for another few months. Some stories are just not worth continuing.

And while I’m on the subject of writing (I was, kind of), good luck to all of you participating in NaNoWriMo. As many of you might remember, I said “NaNoNoMo” a few years ago and have no intention of ever doing it again, but that’s me. A lot of you have stories to tell, are a lot better at it than I am, and I’m sure that everyone doing the 50K in 30 Days thing will succeed.

16 thoughts on “Manic Monday: Turning the Page

  1. I enjoyed the journey through your stream of consciousness. It’s Friday afternoon and I’m just now playing your Monday’s Music Moves Me. Someone turned the pages on me a lil too fast this week! Heh!


    1. I wrote the required 50K words for a couple of years and ended up with drafts that weren’t even good first drafts. I think I’ve deleted them all.


    1. NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. It’s when everyone that said “maybe I should write a novel” tries it, and discovers what a pain it is.

      Had I not already taken a new job, I might have considered their offer, but I had, and besides, if they had been thinking of me for the new job, why didn’t they come to me sooner? They knew where to find me; hell, I was there almost every day…


    1. I just never found it that productive. After a while I ended up writing words just for the sake of writing them, because I was definitely pantsing it and had no idea what the story was. If you’re good at doing a lot of the plotting and character analysis ahead of time, it can be a good way to get your first draft written.

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  2. I loved your stream of consciousness post and the fact that you didn’t accept that job offer. Like Kenny says, “You got to know when to walk away.”
    I appreciated your offer of help on this new blog adventure, and YES I could use some. How do I turn on the option to receive reply comments and turn off comment approval?


    1. Go to this page:

      There’s a section that says “Email me whenever”. Check the box that says “Anyone posts a comment.” That will get you an email whenever someone comments. In the next section (“Before a comment appears”), uncheck both boxes: “Comment must be manually aproved” and “Comment author must have a previously-approved comment.” That way, the comments will post without you having to approve them, unless Akismet (the spam filter) thinks it’s spam. On the dashboard ( you’ll see in the box on the upper left if you have any spam comments. It’s a good idea to click on that link and check to be sure that those are actually spam and not just someone who Akismet thinks is a spammer.

      Sorry it took a couple of days to get back to you. It’s been busy here.


  3. No NaNo for me either. I won’t say never, but I’ll say I have no more intentions in the future in regard to NaNo.

    The Bob Seger tune “Turn the Page” is a song that I’ve always liked a great deal and it’s always had a special meaning for me in the sense it refers to life on the road touring. I don’t necessarily relate to all of the details of the song, but overall it’s a song that I can identify with.

    Tossing It Out


    1. So NaNo is a no-no for the foreseeable future for you, too?

      “Turn the Page” ias a good song, and I don’t go looking for another station when it starts up. I tend to listen more to the music rather than the lyrics, and the music is a little simple for me.


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