Shortcuts and More Shortcuts #socs

I’m sitting here trying to remember the shortcuts I used to take in my old neighborhood, and the only one I can remember taking was on the way to school. If I was running late, I would cut across the church parking lot and through the alley that emptied out onto Loyola Avenue. The nuns didn’t like us cutting through alleys to get to school, but they were busy in the classroom by that point and never caught me. I talked a little about alleys a while back and how they were to us what streets were to the rest of the world, but none of them were shortcuts as much as alternate routes or bypasses.

Now, there were times we’d try to take shortcuts through people’s yards and gangways, but that was frowned upon, as you can imagine. Occasionally you’d go into someone’s back yard only to discover they had a dog in there. So it wasn’t one of those things we did all that frequently.

I wasn’t much for taking shortcuts, anyway. I used to go out of my way to take a more circuitous route home from school, especially when I got into eighth grade. I tended to roam a lot through the neighborhood, with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company. I was kind of weird that way. Antisocial, maybe.

Nowadays, when people talk about shortcuts, they typically mean on the computer, where you put an icon on the desktop that invokes a program when you click it. It’s more common with Windows users than Mac users, mostly because icons on the Mac desktop have a habit of slowing things down at startup time, for reasons known only to Apple. It’s okay, because we have the Dock in MacOS. It’s a bar at the bottom of the screen (that can be moved to either side or the top) that holds the icons for whatever programs you use on a regular basis. Normally there’s also an icon for the Applications folder, so you can get at all the programs you have installed. They added something called Launchpad a couple of releases of the operating system ago, which lays out all the programs as if you’re looking at an iPad or iPhone. Evidently this was the most exciting thing Apple had done with MacOS, based on discussions of it I see on help boards, but I never use it.

Well, I think I’ll cut this short…

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27 thoughts on “Shortcuts and More Shortcuts #socs

    1. I don’t think I really know that much about computers. Lately my dealings with them have been a little less than successful. On the other hand, I’m at a point in life where I need to have that kind of success, preferably as soon as possible. Plus, I can now say “screw this” if things get a little tough.

      We were always conscious of seedy-looking characters and did our best to stay away from them, so we didn’t generally run into any trouble. We were also good at taking evasive action, e.g. turning a corner, crossing the street, and doing our best not to put ourselves in a position where we needed to run away. We were pretty good at it.

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  1. We walked everywhere. Short cuts were always part of the plan especially when walking to the middle school for summer recreation. The faster we got there, the more likely we were to have a turn at the ping pong tables. My kids never walked anywhere, somehow it quit feeling safe.


    1. I can definitely see where taking a shortcut would be advantageous if you wanted to play ping-pong.

      The world has certainly turned nasty, hasn’t it? I don’t think I can remember a time when preying on others, especially kids, became an acceptable form of entertainment…

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  2. In grade school through high school, I took the bus…an hour long…no shortcuts there:) I don’t even know many shortcuts with the computer so I lack there as well. I do take shortcuts when I walk or even when I drive..except I never go through backyards😀


  3. I took some shortcuts walking to school as well but the shortcuts I use most often now are the ones in Word that I have created to make my typing flow faster such as typing “awa” and having it print “as well as,” or “osa” turning into “obstructive sleep apnea.” I have made a couple of them that are almost a paragraph long with just three or four letters. Gotta love shortcuts! Happy Saturday!


    1. OpenOffice has a similar feature, although I don’t typically use them. I tried once and confused myself… I can see where it’d be easier to type a couple of letters rather than a long phrase, especially if you find yourself typing the phrase over and over.

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  4. I remember always having an instinct to be aware and cautious. I was either unsupervised or with someone who was not doing the job. But, I was careful. I am an old soul. But, things were different back then.


  5. I took shortcuts while riding my bike to school. Times were different back then in my hometown, Orlando, FL. Now my shortcuts are to avoid traffic in the city where I currently live and on my computer. Being aware in the real world and the virtual world has become a must in order to survive.


    1. If I remember correctly, the city you live in is close to the one I live in, and yes, shortcuts are vital, even the ones that seem like they take you out of your way. Sometimes the short has less to do with distance and more to do with time.

      One keyboard shortcut they need is “stack,” where you can copy several non-contiguous lines ( for example, lines 2 and 4 from one paragraph and 3 thru 6 from another) to be pasted as a set. you might be able to do it if you can hold the command/ctrl key as you drag the cursor, but unfortunately I can’t (my right hand is limited). Although, I might be able to use the “sticky key” feature to do it… have to try that when I’m at the desktop.

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      1. Yes, our cities are close and depending on the time of the day and one’s destination, shortcuts can be time saving. I like your “stack” idea and I never have used the “sticky key” feature. I will have to try it out.


  6. I despise the shortcuts on my laptop. So many times, I will be typing away only to hit the wrong combination of keys in error, and the shortcut erases the whole damn thing.


    1. I’ve turned off the trackpad on my laptop and use a separate mouse for that reason. I was highlighting big passages of text and losing it because I wasn’t aware I had done it…


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