Two For Tuesday: Vaughan Monroe (Baby Boom Years)

Vaughan Monroe was a bandleader, trumpeter and singer, among other things (he has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, one for music, the other for radio). He had some excellent musicians in his orchestra, including Bucky Pizzarelli on guitar and Ray Coniff on trombone (never knew he was actually a musician. The things you learn in this job…). They primarily did ballads and other romantic songs on records, but his orchestra had an edgy side in concert which was rarely captured on vinyl. His theme song was “There! I’ve Said It Again,” which was also his first #1 hit, from 1945, just a little outside the parameters I’ve set for this series, but still a great song.

“Ballerina,” from 1947, was his first #1 in the Baby Boom era. Monroe had a rich baritone, earning him the nickname “The Voice With Hair On Its Chest,” and it’s certainly on display here.

Many of Monroe’s hits had a Western theme. Perhaps his biggest was “Ghost Riders In The Sky,” a #1 for him in 1949. His voice is particularly appropriate for this song.

Vaughan Monroe, your Two For Tuesday, November 21, 2017.

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    1. My uncle Jack said he thought my dad sounded kind of like that, and I agree. Ande be prepared to hear a lot of “Ghost Riders In The Sky” going forward… that will be my subject for the next couple of Battles of the Bands.


    1. Check the replies to JoAnna. I have a link to the Wikipedia page that lists many of the covers, and Johnny Cash did one of them. He did it on “The Muppet Show,” in fact. ..

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  1. He had such a distinctive voice. I think every young man I knew tried to imitate his voice. Even your father, who was pretty good at it. “Racing with the Moon,” was a song I liked.


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