BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Stormy” Results


This wasn’t even close.

Bobbie Gentry: 12
The Supremes: 2

Congratulations to Bobbie Gentry and a “great job!” pat on the back to The Supremes.

I’ll do another BotB on December 1, which will be a two-parter. Tune in then!

14 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Stormy” Results

    1. I mentioned earlier that the Bobbie Gentry track sounded like there were plans to add full orchestration to her voice and guitar, kind of like “Ode To Billie Joe.” I wonder how they would have done against each other then.


    1. With the Bobbie Gentry cover, I get the sense that they might have added an orchestra and more instruments in the background to the raw recording. I doubt they would have just issued it that way. Still, she had a great voice and accompanied herself well.


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