What Brings Me Comfort (Writer’s Workshop)

I had written a lengthy response to what I thought would be one of the prompts fo this week, and unfortunately, it turned out not to be. I’ve saved that for sometime in the future while I respond to the prompt “List seven things that bring you comfort.”

  1. Mary This goes without saying, so I had to say it first. Being handicapped, I’m kind of limited in what I can do, so she’s taken on a lot of responsibility that used to be mine. And she doesn’t complain, and does it cheerfully for the most part. (I mean, everyone has bad days.)
  2. The cats As the number of cats we have has dwindled, I’m finding that knowing they’re still around is a great comfort. I have a couple that will be making a trip to the Rainbow Bridge sooner rather than later, and all of them are in their teens, and it makes me wonder, who will be the omega, the last cat standing? I try not to think about it and to just enjoy that they’re still with us and still love us, even if it is because we feed them…
  3. Food There are a couple of foods that bring me comfort: pizza, macaroni & cheese, pie, Klondike bars, coffee. I have to watch how much I eat, something I didn’t do a really good job of earlier in life (and I’m paying for it now), so when I do have one of these, I enjoy it greatly.
  4. Vintage TV Both on TV and especially on YouTube. I’ve written previously on the shows we watch over-the-air, and realized I was spending a lot of time repeating myself here, so I’ll look up those posts eventually, or maybe write a whole post on those shows later. YouTube carries episodes of a bunch of old shows, but one of my favorite things to watch are some of the posts by MicroJow, who had a bunch of old videotapes that were entire evenings’ worth of programs. He edited out the actual programs and left the commercials, interstitials, bumpers, station breaks, and newscasts. For some reason, they’re very relaxing to watch. Most of them are 30 years old or more.
  5. Music I do a lot of music here on the blog, because I love music. I have somewhat eclectic tastes (you might have noticed) and love finding out about the artists and the recordings and sharing what I learn.
  6. Hoodies Our living room gets drafty during the winter, especially when the wind is blowing out of the north, and being wrapped up in a hoodie is a very comforting feeling.
  7. Sleep By about 10 PM, I’m starting to think it’s time to go to bed. I might not actually get to bed that early, but I’m thinking about it, and starting to wonder what sort of dreams I’ll be having that night. Since the stroke, my dreams seem especially vivid, and while I can’t remember much about them, I can remember some of the images that my brain conjures up while it’s doing its nightly maintenance. It’s a comfort knowing that my dream world will open up while I’m unconscious.

What brings you comfort?

7 thoughts on “What Brings Me Comfort (Writer’s Workshop)

  1. We have some similar comforts. Instead of Mary I would say Bill. Instead of hoodies I would say blankies, especially my zip up blanket. Music, food and vintage TV are the same. I’d say reading instead of sleep and crafting instead of cats (sorry, not an animal person, although we do have a cat). Happy Thursday to you. Was it just last week we were eating turkey?


  2. What gives me comfort?
    – A good conversation with my wife Pat.
    – My Bernese Mountain Dog Daisy nestling under my armpit at the dinner table.
    – My Sheltie Buzz smiling and following me around the house to keep tabs on me.
    – A good meal after a hike or photo expedition in the mountains – I feel like I earned the calories, and slowing down to eat helps me relax.
    – Enjoying the outdoors with friends. Fortunately, there’s still a natural world to share out there, complete with coyotes, cottontails and roadrunners.
    – Good dark beer. Prairie Bomb! from Prairie Artisan Ales, Scotia Scotch Ales from Bosque Brewing, or La Cumbre Brewing’s El Malpais Stout are three favorites. (No more watery bar beers from college student days at UIUC.)
    – Blue Corn Enchiladas with carne adovada at The Range Cafe here in Albuquerque. The Range does carne adovada better than anyone here (very moist, spiced just right). Couple those enchiladas with Scotia Scotch Ale or El Malpais Stout and you’ve got a winner meal.
    – Knowing I’m still strong enough to hike 7-8 miles with 1000 feet or so of elevation gain. I recognize that’s not a given for folks my age and up.
    – Computers that work. Lately that hasn’t been my WIndows 10 machine.
    – Getting paid for my photographic work. This says I not only still have a good eye, but other people value my work too.
    – Playing the piano, something I don’t do enough these days.


  3. What brings me comfort – husband-Paul, cat-Amanda, coffee-strong, red wine-cabernet, chicken noodle soup, music-classic rock, sweatshirts, jeans, computers, classic cars, blogging/writing, social media.


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