Pain In The Backside #socs

Funny Linda should pick “cramp” as today’s prompt…

My aquatic therapy is going quite well. I’ve gotten to where my therapist, Meghan, stays outside the pool and just tells me what to do, and I can do it. There’s a lot of walking back and forth in the water, both forward, backward, and sideways, as well as exercises I do in the water. It’s a full hour, and I can be pretty tired after all that exercise, especially since I live a relatively sedentary lifestyle otherwise.

While I’m sore when I get finished, there’s no actual pain, at least there hadn’t been until last night (I’m writing this Friday afternoon, so “last night” means “Thursday night/Friday morning”). I woke up at 4:30 this morning with the worst charley horse in my left buttock I think I’ve ever had. I’d try to roll over, and the pain would just intensify. It seemed like the only way I could lie in bed was flat on my back, which I don’t like to do because I start to snore and wake Mary up (that was a moot issue, since Mary was already awake and sitting in the living room reading or playing Candy Crush).

Fortunately, at Mary’s insistence a couple of months ago, I bought this little contraption, a muscle and joint massager. I keep it near the bed for just such occasions.

Mine is black, but it’s the same thing. Source:

I turned it on and held it on the affected area, and a few minutes later, while the area still hurt, I could at least roll over and go back to sleep. While I was working the cramp out, Mary heard it and came up to investigate.

“What’s that noise?” she asked.

“It’s the massager you told me to get. I have a cramp in my ass.”

“Aren’t you glad I made you get it?”


With that, she left, and I went back to massaging my butt.

Seriously, if you tend to get charley horses or tightness in muscles, the thing is great. It’s long enough that you can reach almost everywhere on your body, the speed is adjustable, it’s lightweight, and definitely worth the price, which is a lot less expensive than the professional ones that massage therapists use (Mary has been trained as a massage therapist, so we have a couple of the heavy-duty ones).

Pado USA didn’t give me a free massager or pay me for writing this.

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16 thoughts on “Pain In The Backside #socs

    1. The young lady who has been walking me through the therapy goes back to school on Friday, but she’s given me a great start. I’m still going to need the hyaluronic acid injections and ultimately a new pair of knees (the grinding in them when I stand up sounds like a door in a horror movie), but the muscles are stronger and my balance is better. Which is what I expected and was working toward.

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  1. WOW! For anyone who hasn’t done aqua therapy – one hour is totally badass!! Congrats! Remember magnesium as well. You can put Epsom Salts in your bath water, mix it into a shower scrub, or just take a supplement, but it helps greatly with muscle cramps. I like an Epsom salts/coconut oil/ few drops of rosemary oil mix in my shower scrub! If you take it by mouth just remember magnesium is great for loosening the bowels, as well – LOL!


  2. Love Mary’s reaction, that’s exactly what I say to my husband when something I suggested regarding his health works (I’ve worked around the medical profession my entire career so while I’m not a doctor, I do know a thing or two). He’s on a CPAP machine now because of sleep apnea so not much snoring. Glad the cramp went away.


  3. Wow! That sounds awful, I mean, quite a challenge! I guess technology is good for something. Glad the contraption helped. And glad I’m not the only wife who reads or does computer at 4:30. So kind of you to be concerned about the snoring. My husband will turn over willingly when I ask him to, but sometimes he even snores on his side.


    1. I was in New York during the summer and had the air conditioning on full-blast, and fell asleep watching TV. When I woke up, I felt like my mouth had caved in. That’s why I try not to snore too much. That, and Mary is not terribly pleasant when it happens (and I don’t blame her).

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