MONDAY’S MUSIC MOVES ME: ‘Twas The Week Before Christmas…

No real rhyme or reason to the songs I picked today, just songs I like.

  1. Lucy & Schroeder From A Charlie Brown Christmas, Lucy asking Schroeder to play her a song.
  2. Walt Kelly, “Deck Us All With Boston Charlie” From the comic strip Pogo by Walt Kelly, this was a classic song they sang in the swamp one year. Dad knew it and used to sing it, and Uncle Jack mentioned it a while back.
  3. John Williams and The Boston Pops, “Sleigh Ride” This was written by Leroy Anderson, who also wrote “The Syncopated Clock,” “Holiday for Strings,” and “The Typewriter,” among others. Arthur Fiedler used to feature Leroy’s music in performances by The Boston Pops, and as you can see John Williams continued the tradition.
  4. Los Straitjackets, “Linus and Lucy” Written by Vince Guaraldi for A Charlie Brown Christmas, it’s been featured in all the Peanuts specials since. Los Straitjackets are an instrumental rock band from Nashville that performs in masks. I rather like them, myself.
  5. United States Navy Band, “Dueling Jingle Bells” When you cross “Dueling Banjos” with “Jingle Bells,” the results are pretty amazing, as you’ll see and hear in this clip. Didn’t get the names of the players, but all are senior NCO’s.
  6. Irish Defence Forces, “The Little Drummer Boy” The pipers from the Irish Defence Forces, the military of the Republic of Ireland, play this. I was in a bagpipe mood.
  7. Clan Currie, “Angels We Have Heard On High” More Christmas bagpipes, this by a family group.
  8. Judy Garland, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” From the 1944 film Meet Me In St. Louis starring Judy Garland. These are the original lyrics from the movie; most popular versions use different lyrics. The choir at church does this during the Christmas season at the Sign of Peace, and I find it very hard to keep my composure.
  9. John Denver and The Muppets, “The Twelve Days of Christmas” From 1979’s John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together. After the last song, I figured we could use a laugh.
  10. Arlo Guthrie, “The Pause Of Mr. Claus” From his 1968 live album. In the interest of time, I found a version that just had the song. The longer one had a pretty funny monologue that was indicative of the time.
  11. Andy Williams, “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” Andy Williams and Christmas go together like Scotch and soda.

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for December 18, 2017. Only seven more days ’til Xmas!

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13 thoughts on “MONDAY’S MUSIC MOVES ME: ‘Twas The Week Before Christmas…

  1. I love Sleigh Ride! Haven’t seen it pop up on any of the other MMMM posts I’ve visited thus far….


  2. John,

    The first video clip of Shroder and Lucy always makes me smile. I loved watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special when I was little. You have an excellent mix of instrumental tunes. I, especially enjoyed “Sleigh Ride” performed by the Boston Pops with John Williams and I liked “The Little Drummer Boy” with the Irish Defense Forces. The lone drummer was great but it made it hard to hear the bagpipes, though. I reckon that’s an audio balance issue caused by the person in charge of the sound equipment. Oh well…it was still very nice. Judy Garland’s rendition of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” is lovely and everytime I see her I can’t help but think what a pretty lady she was. 🙂 Ha-Ha, John Denver and The Muppets! I have that CD what fun!! Thanks for sharing the dance floor with the 4M gals. I hope you and Mary have a very Merry little Christmas and may God’s blessings be with y’all in the coming new year!


  3. I played some of these for my husband. Santa as a dope fiend. Pogo (so love his “We have met the enemy and he is us”) and I don’t even remember this running in the comic. Sleigh Bells – didn’t know of the relationship to Holiday for Strings and my fave Typewriter Song (ding!) and the Syncopated Clock, although you probably told me that several months ago. One of the most wonderful posts of the year!


  4. WOW It’s like a tribute to my Charlie (Brown) which we call our dog (who’s barking is driving me nuts)!!! hahahaha GREAT JOB My friend! HO HO HO Merry Christmas! GREAT JOB! LOVED IT & HAD A GREAT TIME


  5. That’s quite a mix. I started appreciating the Pogo comic strip when I was in high school. I’ve never heard this “Deck the Halls” parody actually sung, but I remember it from the comic strip.

    Tossing It Out


    1. I think it’s been around for over sixty years. Kelly must have spread it over multiple days, because it’s pretty long. I got into Pogo in the Seventies, when he was throwing in animals that looked like Spiro Agnew and J. Edgar Hoover…


  6. Not only did your dad know “Deck Us All With Boston Charlie” he sang it constantly at Christmas time. – Good memories.


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