A Funny Facebook Comment #1LinerWeds

I follow the Vintage Ads group on Facebook, and recently saw this post on the group. The ad displayed is this one…

This prompted someone to make the following comment…

I was thinking the same thing…

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28 thoughts on “A Funny Facebook Comment #1LinerWeds

      1. They do indeed!!! I bought hubby and myself a special handbook each a few years back Rules for the perfect wife/husband as of the 40s! Rather an amusing read!


        1. Remember the “Dress for Success” books? You saw a lot of dark blue suits, white shirts, yellow ties, and black wing-tip Oxfords on the men and dark blue suits, white blouses, neutral pantyhose and low-heeled pumps on the women after those books came out. Nowadays you consider yourself lucky if they don’t show up in their PJ’s.


  1. It’s so funny to see the ads from the 40’s and 50’s…before women stopped wearing pearls to clean house and started asking for something that she didn’t want to hit her husband with.


    1. I think we need to look at it relative to the times. Toasters were a relatively new thing, at least in the average middle-class home in in post-WWII America, as were so many small appliances, and were still seen as a luxury item, so I can see where many women would be thrilled to get one. For Christmas? Maybe not…


    1. I think things were different in 1948, when most people were still making their toast under the broiler. Still, I can imagine there were a few wives who thought they were getting something glamorous who were none too happy they were getting a toaster…


  2. $22.00 for a toaster? I feel like the price hasn’t changed much since that time. My husband buys me kitchen gadgets once in a while but they are not things I want or use. They are things that “look cool” to him. He never uses them either. Guess that hasn’t changed much either πŸ™‚


  3. John,

    Of course, I wouldn’t be one of those ungrateful women because I love everything DH gets me but I’m just saying judging by the fuss I read online from time to time that if this happened there are a good number of women who would take THAT thing and toss it in the shower with the hubs. It’s a cruel, cruel world with women getting meaner by the year. The Facebook comment made me smile. πŸ˜€


    1. My dad always bought my mother gifts like pearls and perfume, and one of her friends was jealous, because she was always getting things like blenders and fry pans. I always see a toaster as an appliance that everyone in the family uses, so it’s not much of a gift for one person. But back in the ’40’s and ’50’s, a lot of that stuff was new, and getting one was likely quite exciting… but not for everyone.


  4. Love this post and the comments Life was so different, back in the day. I’m thinking a toaster perched on the edge of the bathtub may not be a good idea for hubby while he’s in the tub. ZAP! Best to buy wifey some jewelry.


    1. Mary and I are into “Columbo” reruns, and there was one with Martin Landau playing twins, one of whom killed a man by dropping an electric mixer into the tub with him. Electricity and water do not mix. Thomas Merton was taking a shower and reached out to adjust a fan, and ZAP!


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