ANNOUNCEMENT: The Sound of One Hand Typing FM Is Leaving The Air

I’ve given it a lot of thought, and have decided to stop “simulcasting” The Sound Of One Hand Typing on Blogger. There are several reasons for this.

  1. I get roughly ten page views a day on it, and most of those are Google indexing the page. I occasionally get comments, but I would say that it averages out to less than one a week. In fact, I’m getting about one a month. It hardly seems worthwhile to continue it.
  2. In order for IFTTT, the technology that makes it all possible, to work, I have to do a lot of extra coding, or it won’t post properly. This is a problem I brought to their attention a couple of years ago, and they still haven’t done anything about it.
  3. Then, once it passes to Blogger, Blogger intercedes on my behalf and “corrects” the HTML code, causing me fits.

The last simulcast post will be on New Year’s Eve. I’ve already started to change my commenting habits on Blogger to reflect this change, and have changed my Blogger profile.

Note that this blog will continue as long as I can still write on it, and maybe after that. Anyone who might be reading that blog via a feed reader can follow this one by clicking on the RSS icon in the right sidebar on the main blog and following the directions.

Thanks to all who gave their input on this. If you have any questions, comments, feel like cussing me out, etc. be sure and leave me a comment.

15 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT: The Sound of One Hand Typing FM Is Leaving The Air

    1. A lot of people like it. I ran a couple of blogs over there and it was okay, but limited. There were Blogger users who complained that they couldn’t comment on WordPress, so I set it up as a way for them to leave me comments, but by that time they figured out how to comment here. Such is life.

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  1. It’s a good decision if it is right for you. I hadn’ Even known about the Blogger site or that simulcasting blogs was a thing. You write wonderful posts and U hope you can keep doing it.


    1. I have no intention on stopping blogging. The whole idea behind simulcasting was that I could blog on WordPress and everything would move automatically to there for people who found commenting here difficult. But Blogger folks were commenting here just fine, so I’d maybe get a comment there every couple of weeks and that was it. Thus the decision to end the simulcast.


  2. I wonder if I don’t have as many correction problems with IFTT because I go from Blogspot to WordPress instead of the other way around? I do notice the spacing is different on WordPress but not enough to give me fits or make me want to change anything. Since I follow you here, losing the Blogspot version won’t affect me. Cuss you out? Who would do that?


    1. We’re going from Blogger to WordPress on the A to Z Challenge blog and there doesn’t seem to be much trouble with it, mostly because WordPress doesn’t seem to make any changes to the HTML like Blogger does. I use <div> tags to center videos in the posts, which work fine in WP, but when they go to Blogger, it adds its own and the result is a mess.

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  3. Hi John – I understand …and you’re very technically capable … but there’s only so much one can do – I’m sure I’ll see you around, even if only occasionally – good luck and all the best – and happy New Year – cheers Hilary


    1. I’ll still be at the WordPress site, which was the official site and where you’ve been commenting. The Blogger site was embarrassing, though, and when I saw how it was displaying the videos and what it was doing to the HTML code, I knew it would mean taking the code over there and manually updating the site, and that drove the decision. Thanks for understanding.


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