BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “(Ghost) Riders In The Sky,” Women’s Division

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m working on my Fire tablet using the WordPress app’s editor, so this post looks a little different from the others. Sorry the colors aren’t here; they aren’t available in this editor, and I can’t find the angle brackets on this keyboard that would allow me to code the HTML…

I had really intended on moving on from this song, but an old Ghostletters buddy (hi, Dave!) mentioned his favorite version of song, and it convinced me to do one more battle with it. This time, we’ll do an all-women’s battle. Listen to these three versions and decide which you like best.

CONTESTANT #1: Miss Peggy Lee

CONTESTANT #2: Judy Collins

CONTESTANT #3: Deborah Harry

So, which do you like the best? Let me know by leaving a comment with your choice and why you liked that one best. Then, please visit Stephen’s BotB blog, where he has a list of all the blogs that might or might not be having a battle today, and vote in those. I’ll announce the winner of today’s battle next Monday, January 8, so get your vote in before then.

The lines are now open. Good luck to Miss Peggy, Judy, and Deborah!

7 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “(Ghost) Riders In The Sky,” Women’s Division

  1. I am going with Judy Collins even though I think a man’s voice is better suited for this song. She seems to have a richness to her voice than Peggy Lee does. I didn’t care for Deborah’s at all. Happy New Year once again:)


  2. Somehow the whole “rugged Western round-up” theme lends itself more to a deeper male voice. The sense of strength and impending doom just does not come across for me in any of these versions. I didn’t smell and taste the dust. But of the three, I’ll side with Judy Collins. It was bigger and had some action in the background.

    The rendition by Deborah Harry (whom I’ve never liked) sounded like it should have been titled “Champagne Cocktails At Studio 54”.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    See… ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ Come To Life


  3. Happy New Year, John! I had no idea there were so ma y female covers. I’m going to switch my favorite from Blondie to Judy Collins, for the musical arrangement, not the voice.


  4. John,

    Good showdown with three females going head-to-head in “Ghost Riders in the Sky”. I actually featured Debbie Harry covering this song in my Oct. 1, 2014 BoTB against The Outlaws. Harry did not win, though. I think I’m gonna go with Judy Collins. I enjoyed her rendition over all the best. I think it’s Collins’ mewsical arrangement that really sealed the deal for me.


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