Drama Kings, Queens, and Jacks #JusJoJan

Happy New Year, and Happy Just Jot It January! This is my third year participating in this blogfest, which is hosted by the lovely and talented Linda Hill, who has all the rules here, if you’d like to play along. You can see a list of all the prompts for the month there toward the end. Today’s prompt is provided to us by Ritu. Her word for today is “drama.”

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You recognize the twin masks, a smiling one for comedy, a crying one for tragedy. I think it was the Greeks who came up with the image, actually, though it might have been the Romans. I’m thinking Greeks because they had Aristophanes (comedy) and Sophocles (tragedy), both of whom I’ve read. For some reason we call tragedy “drama,” but really, it’s both comedy and tragedy.

The combination of drama and comedy results in dramedy, a portmanteau word that I discussed two years ago during the A to Z Challenge. Which reminds me, I need to start thinking about the upcoming challenge, both as a participant and as a host for the affair.

Drama is great when it’s part of a TV show, a play, or a movie, not so great when it’s part of real life. I’ve had some drama in my life, though thankfully not recently. I think we all do, at one time or another, whether it’s illness, injury, death, job loss, conflict with coworkers or family members. Life itself is a drama, and drama, as very writer knows, is conflict. Whether the drama results in a happy ending or a sad one is mostly out of our control. We can’t do anything about the drama in our lives, but we can do something about the way we react to it.

And speaking of reacting to drama, there are a few people who turn every bit of drama into a grand tragedy. We call people who do this drama queens, although some of them are kings or jacks, and yes, there are plenty of male drama queens. I mean, all of us throw a shit fit from time to time, but there are some people for whom any minor inconvenience turns into a full meltdown, with tears, objects being thrown, threats, and other displays of anger. I was the administrator of a LISTSERV mailing list, and I know all about this. Thank heaven some of them didn’t know where I lived…

10 thoughts on “Drama Kings, Queens, and Jacks #JusJoJan

  1. Definitely yes to less drama. I don’t remember going through it as a teen girl but I know my daughter’s did and of course with the election last year there has been tons of it (although some may say it has also been a comedy and a tragedy). Whatever, let’s just make it great!


  2. Yes, there will always be drama in life, and how we react to it is key. Unfortunately, some people thrive on it, as you stated – the drama queens. I hope there is less drama in 2018 but I’m not betting on it.


  3. One thinks these people are rare but, blecchhhh, they are not. I have seen them and work with one who is a nice person but if you have a cold, she has pneumonia. I think these people have, somehow, felt slighted or so and need attention desperately so they act out in this manner.


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