Monday’s Music Moves Me: Happy New Year!

An “encore presentation” from 2015.

The Sound of One Hand Typing


The theme this month is Christmas songs, but Christmas is over, and in a couple of days 2015 will be over as well. Mary and I love this week for that very reason. After a month of Christmas hoopla, the stores have stopped playing Christmas music, Starbucks has stopped using the red cups that had a few fundamentalists all up-in-arms, and we don’t have to hear about the “war on Christmas” for at least another ten months. We can focus on running out the clock on this year and getting a running start into the new year a week from today. (Friday is a holiday and then there’s the weekend. So the work year starts January 4.)

Anyway, I’ve assembled a playlist of six New Year’s songs. It had been five, but I found another. There are all kinds of kids’ songs about New Year’s, but I figured one was…

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5 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: Happy New Year!

    1. Ella is the jazz singer’s jazz singer. Her songbook albums (“The Cole Porter Songbook,” “The Jerome Kern Songbook”) are must haves, and her work with Louis Armstrong was really special. She did a concert in Berlin (the album “Ella In Berlin”) where she started to do “Mack The Knife” and forgot the words. So what she did was scat through a couple of verses and make up lyrics the rest of the way. She won a Grammy for that. THAT’s a great singer. Happy New Year!


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