#1LinerWeds from Robert Orben

Robert “Bob” Orben is, according to The Blogger’s Best Friend, a professional comedy writer and one-time magician who wrote a newsletter called Orben’s Current Comedy, which was full of gags and one-liners like the one above. I remember him from my traveling days, because I used to see his one-liners in one of the airlines’ magazines (probably United or American). He’s been around as far back as I can remember.

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. This month, it’s all a part of Just Jot It January, too.

Now here’s Louis Nye for Rath instant hot sandwich meats. Yummo!

15 thoughts on “#1LinerWeds from Robert Orben

  1. My father used to have a number of Orben’s joke books back in the fifties when he worked a lot of night club gigs with his comedy juggling act. I don’t know if he actually used any of the material in those books, but I got a kick out of reading the jokes. Maybe I didn’t understand a lot of the jokes, but a lot I didn’t find to be very funny. I did enjoy reading them even at a very young age.



    1. More of a chuckle than a guffaw, right? His jokes showed up in lots of places. As I mentioned, there was usually a page of his one-liners in airline magazines, and as I recall he hosted an in-flight station on United where he’d play comedy records. Would-be comedy writers could learn a lot from him.


    1. The Irish sports pages! Mom used to read them faithfully. Funny story: her name was Genevieve, and my father had an aunt Genevieve who died. She was sitting in the breakroom with all her fellow teachers, found aunt Genevieve’s obituary, and said, “look, I’m in the obituary column. Guess I can go home…” She found it a lot funnier than her colleagues did.

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  2. This is kinda similar to the bit about reading the obituaries in the morning. If you’re not listed you breath a sigh of relief and go about your business.


  3. I didn’t win either which is why I was at work today freezing my petunias off because we have no heat! We have had no heat since yesterday and today was the warmest at -8C and tomorrow it is only supposed to be -15C so I think a talk with our boss is in order since he leaves work before noon.


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