Etymology Lesson #JusJoJan

Today’s word in Linda Hill’s Just Jot It January blog hop comes to us from Rosemary Carlson, and it is


“Passionate” is the adjective form of “passion,” which comes from the Latin word patior, which means “I suffer.”

You’re welcome…

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  1. I took Latin throughout high school and still find it useful because of knowing certain words come from Latin. They should teach Latin in schools


  2. I heard somewhere that suffering correlates positively with intelligence, so the smarter you are, the more you suffer. Not sure whether to believe that or not… what do you think?

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  3. Ha! I knew it!! Being passionate is a curse from which I suffer. Who knew? Thanks for the education. I always learn something neat and interesting from you.

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  4. Interesting that you refer to the fact that it comes from a Latin word. I used to argue with your mother (among others) about the the usefulness of learning Latin in school. I was in favor of learning a live language and she would maintain that it was important because so many english words were derived from Latin. I had to take two years of Latin in high school and I think the time would have been better spent on Spanish or French. – She disagreed.

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    1. I was able to get out of taking third-year Latin by taking Greek. Of course, in senior year I ended up taking both Greek and Latin, and still had to take a quarter of Latin at Northwestern. I suppose I could have (and maybe should have) taken another language there. Turns out, my quarter at NU was essentially a repeat of senior year. But I did meet a guy who was a really good friend after that. After I transferred to Loyola, I was sitting in the cafeteria one evening and see him walking past. Turns out he had the same idea I did…

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