Writer’s Workshop: My Top Twelve Posts From 2017

It’s the first Writer’s Workshop post of 2018, so I think it’d be a good idea to take a look back on “the year that was” and select my most-popular (based on number of page views) posts from 2017.

  1. Grolsch #atozchallenge (4/8/17) Coming in at #12 was a post from this past year’s A to Z Challenge, where I selected words that started with the letter of the day and ended with the next letter. Grolsch is, of course, the second most-popular beer from Holland in the world, mostly because of the bottles with the ceramic stoppers.
  2. How Mom And Dad Met (Writer’s Workshop) (2/17/17) This was a post written for Mama Kat’s Mostly World-Famous Writer’s Workshop, like this one. It was a lovely story, and Kip had to tell the rest of it because Mom told me the happy version.
  3. Monday’s Music Moves Me: It’s Baseball Time! (4/6/17) A post for M4, as I call it, that expressed my joy at the end of the football season so baseball season could start.
  4. Writer’s Workshop: Brunch at Grandma’s (3/19/17) Even though I wrote this for Thursday, I said it was also a Wednesdays for My Wife post, because Mary asked me to tell the story of having brunch with my grandmother, because it was a funny story and I love talking about her.
  5. Monday’s Music Moves Me: Songs With “Power” In The Title #JusJoJan (1/9/17) This was a mashup between M4 and Just Jot It January, because the word of the day for the latter was “power” and it was a freebie day on the former.
  6. Monday’s Music Moves Me: Locations! (6/19/17) This was a particularly popular posts, and it led to several more posts because y’all kept coming up with more suggestions.
  7. At Least I Didn’t Get Her Nose (9/14/17) A post where I revealed I have arthritis in my knees. I appreciate all the support you’ve given me, and just so you know, I finished aquatic therapy early last month, and will be starting hyaluronic acid (“rooster comb”) injections sometime this month. That will temporarily (a couple of years or so) provide some cushioning between the bones in my knee so I can walk with more comfort and maybe be able to stand up while I go down the stairs, rather than sliding down them on my backside.
  8. A Simple Theme For The 2017 #atozchallenge (3/20/17) The A to Z Challenge provides a lot of traffic on this site, and the Theme Reveal is where we talk about our theme for April, so naturally it gets lots of hits.
  9. Abacab #atozchallenge (4/1/17) Again, the A to Z Challenge, where the first day gets lots of attention.
  10. Writer’s Workshop: Want A Challenge For Next Month? (3/23/17) Naturally, I just had to let my Writer’s Workshop pals know about the A to Z Challenge.
  11. A Labor Day Observation #1LinerWeds (9/6/17) A funny line from someone else’s blog.
  12. The Friday Five: Songs With “Pain” In The Title (2/17/17) My knee woes started all the way back last Frebruary (actually they’ve been going on for years), and it led me to write this post. They should have led me to the orthopedist, but sometimes writing about pain helps it go away, and you came up with some good additional suggestions.

So that was last year at The Sound of One Hand Typing. Thanks for joining me, and here’s to 2018!

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  1. It’s interesting which posts become the most popular..I never looked at mine and I think I will. I’m glad the aqua therapy helped and the new one sounds promising so I keep my fingers and toes crossed.

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