Nothing About Ecology or Economics #JusJoJan #socs

There are times when I see the weekly prompt and have no idea what I’m going to write about. Today, for example, I saw the prompt, eco, and knew damn well people would use it to write about ecology or economics, and I couldn’t write about either without getting blatantly political, and I swore on my mother’s grave I’d never get blatantly political on this blog, so those were O-W-T out.

Which left me in a bind. If I wasn’t going to write about ecology or economics, what was I going to write about? My saving grace in this case was Linda saying that the word could also contain “eco”. So, I cheated a little and found a page of words containing eco. There are, as you can see, quite a few. An overwhelming amount, as it turns out, some of which I had no idea what they meant. For example, “arecoline,” which the Free Dictionary defines as “a drug derived from betel nuts and producing a range of effects, including increased salivation, body temperature, and heart rate.”

(It just struck me that Arecoline would make a pretty good woman’s name, especially if she caused increased salivation, body temperature, and heart rate. But I digress.)

Another word I found was “prerecorded,” a word I used to hear a lot on TV, as in “portions of this newscast were prerecorded.” I always thought that was kind of silly to say. I mean, if the eleven o’clock news showed a press conference with Keisha Lance-Bottoms (the new mayor of Atlanta) that happened at ten that morning, it’s only logical that it was prerecorded. And at signoff, they would say, “portions of today’s telecast were prerecorded.” Duh! I mean, even the sermonette was prerecorded. I didn’t expect that Rabbi Moses Goldblatt from Temple Shalom was actually sitting in the studio ready to deliver his thought for the day, especially if it was exactly the same as the one he gave at 6 AM when the station signed on…

I was going to end there, but I realized I had a great word that ended with “eco”: zydeco!

Now that’s dancing…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. It’s also today’s entry in Just Jot It January, also brought to you by Linda.

Now a word about Star Kist tuna. Only the best tuna get to be Star Kist!

14 thoughts on “Nothing About Ecology or Economics #JusJoJan #socs

  1. Just watching that dancing made me tired and there is no way, even when I was younger, that I would have been able to get down like that! Nice way to stay out of the politics, John. Happy Saturday!


  2. Does E-Coli qualify? Had this post on my mind all morning trying to come up with something brilliant. – No luck. Really enjoyed the dancing.


  3. I love how you wrote about not writing about the 2 typical eco words. As for that zydeco! They are excellent and issues with their hip joints


  4. That dancing… definitely echos (honorary “eco” word, imho) of several styles there. Loved it. What a talented pair!

    As for a name… yeah, I can see that, though knowing the definition just makes it sound a bit creepy.


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