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The word for the day in Linda Hill’s Just Jot It January was sent to us by Ruth over at Image & Word. Be sure and stop by and say howdy! The word, naturally, is


Indelible means permanent, as in indelible ink. If it gets on anything, you can’t wash it off. It’s stuck there permanently. A perfect example of indelible ink is India ink, which I discussed in my first A to Z Challenge back in April 2012. (Be sure to get ready for this year’s Challenge!)

Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bombay India Ink (source:

When I was leading training classes, we had two different kinds of markers: erasable for the white board, permanent for the flipchart. Many’s the time an instructor managed to use the marker for the flipchart on the white board. We discovered that the secret to cleaning it off the board was to scribble over it with an erasable marker, then erase the scribbling. Presto! The permanent mark was gone!

Back in the paleolithic area, before we had PowerPoint, we used transparencies on an overhead projector and projected them on a screen. One day one of my colleagues was so involved with talking about something that she started writing on the screen in indelible marker. Fortunately, she caught herself before she wrote too much, and they were able to get all but a red line off the screen, which we decided we’d leave there to remind all the instructors not to write on the screens. It didn’t happen again.

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  1. I used transparencies when I started teaching. Was it that long ago? lol
    The kids have smartboards now. I don’t even know what that is. What that means. The other night, I asked if anyone else missed chalk and chalkboards and no one else did. shrug
    When I was in college, we had dry erase boards on our doors, and inevitably, some jerk would use a Sharpie on them. There’s always one. :/


    1. Closest thing I can think of to a smart board is a white board that can print, but I’m sure it’s a lot more complex than that.

      I got in the bad habit of erasing a dry erase board with the side of my hand. I’m sure one day that’ll come back to bite me in the bottom…

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  2. I can remember overhead projectors and mishaps with permanent markers but then I also remember the first word processors and fax machines that used rolls of special paper. Technology has advanced so much in our lifetimes.


    1. Right, the thermal paper? I used a portable terminal once that used it. What a pain that was. A smartphone has more computing power than computers that took up an entire room, and you can get a flash drive that has the storage of a hundred or more large disk units from the 1980’s. Incredible…

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  3. I remember those projectors and one of my teachers wrote all ove it with that ink. They had to buy a new projector. I remember the old slide projectors also. Talk about ancient!


  4. I remember when our school started using overhead projectors. And, do you remember the big jobs with the conveyor belt that a teacher could roll an open book through to project the pages? Ah the marvels of technology 🙂


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