Recent Aggravations #JusJoJan

Today’s prompt word for Linda’s “Just Jot It January” blog hop is aggravate, sent to us by Fandango at This That & The Other.

I don’t get aggravated like I used to, especially when I was traveling, so the last couple of days are unusual, because I’ve had a couple of things happen that have really burned me up.

Monday, I get a call from my orthopedic surgeon’s office to let me know that my Medicare Advantage plan has approved the hyaluronic acid injections for my knees, and that the injections had arrived, so all we needed to do was set up the three appointments to have the work done. We set up the appointments for this past Wednesday and for the next two, and I was a happy camper.

That is, until we arrived at the office and discovered that neither the doctor nor the injections were there. Seems this practice has two locations, and everything was at the other one. I was not happy, nor was Mary, who has been sick this week and was kind enough to climb off her deathbed to take me. Fortunately, the doctor was there today and he brought the stuff with him, and I was able to get the same appointment times just a day later. Still, it was the pain in the butt factor.

The second aggravation happened when I sat down to write this post using the WordPress app on my Fire. All kinds of weird stuff started happening, and the more I backed up to try and fix it, the more strange characters started coming out. Then, when trying to delete the post to restart it, I managed to publish it. Not a life-threatening calamity, but still, it was a pain in the butt.

And, speaking of pains in the butt, I’ve done something that affected my gluteus maximus, and it cramps up on me whenever I walk more than ten feet. I was popping naproxen like Tic Tacs, and it wasn’t helping. Now I’m taking ibuprofen, and it seems to be working, at least better than the naproxen. But I’ve had more than my share of butt pain lately.

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  1. Butt pain is weird. I never know what I’ve done to aggravate my glutes, and find sitting on a heating pad is usually my cure. Shame about the doctor. I work at a place that has five locations, and it’s very important to clarify my own location when speaking to clients. I wish someone had clarified that, poor you and poor Mary!


  2. It’s interesting how different pain relievers work for different things – I am not supposed to take NSAIDS but if I am in agony, Tylenol doesn’t do it and naproxen has been known to make its way to my mouth from time to time.


  3. I’m glad you got The injection even though they did not properly inform you of the right office. My hubby is On methotrexate and orencia injection for his rheumatoid arthritis. He also 5akes prednisone when it is too painful. Since you have the pain and the ibuprofen works this means it is an inflammation so I wonder if any of that medicine would help.


    1. Interesting that naproxen doesn’t work as well as ibuprofen. Supposedly one naproxen knocks out the pain for 12 hours, but I was taking two days’ worth twice a day and … nothing…


  4. You make the common usage error for the word aggravate, which many use as a synonym for irritate when it is a synonym for worsen. Dickens made fun of it in A Tale of Two Ciries, where Stephen Cruncher called his wife “Aggerwaytor.”

    As Cash used to say about a similar usage issue: “you are finished. Turkeys are done.”


  5. Aggravating that the doctor’s office wouldn’t specify clearly which location, knowing they have two. I hate when the computers don’t play nice. Hope the injections help, John.


    1. I’m already noticing a difference after just one of the three injections: my knees aren’t grinding like they had been. So that’s good news. They were all apologetic at our office, and hopefully they say something about confirming the office. That wasn’t very professional.

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