Monday’s Music Moves Me: Songs With Colors In The Name

Mary B from Jingle Jangle Jungle had the honor of choosing today’s M4, and she chose “songs with colors in the title.” For a while, I was doing posts with color names in the title on Fridays, but hey, it’s a great theme. Rather than just throwing the list together from previous work, I decided to come up with something more or less new. There are some songs that are repeated from them, but not many.

In the interest of time, I’m just going to list these out…

  1. Los Bravos, “Black Is Black”
  2. The Moody Blues, “Nights In White Satin”
  3. Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, “The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)”
  4. Bobby Vinton, “Blue On Blue”
  5. The Tremeloes, “Yellow River”
  6. Johnny and The Hurricanes, “Red River Rock”
  7. Shirley Bassey, “Theme from Goldfinger
  8. Henry Mancini, “Theme from The Pink Panther
  9. Ella Fitzgerald, “Mood Indigo”
  10. Psapp, “Cosy In The Rocket (Theme from Grey’s Anatomy)”

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for January 15, 2018.

Monday’s Music Moves Me is sponsored by X-Mas Dolly, Callie, Cathy, and Stacy, so be sure and visit them, where you can also find the Linky for the other participants.

14 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: Songs With Colors In The Name

  1. So many songs with colors in their name: here are just a few with Black in the title:
    Blackbird, the Beatles
    Paint it Black, the Rolling Stones
    Long Black Veil, Johnny Cash
    Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair, Christy Moore
    Black and Yellow, Wiz Khalifa

    Nice list, John.

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  2. Los Bravos version sure does sound like Gene Pitney don’t they? The whole tune does… the way it was played originally. I was looking for Gene Pitney’s tune, but couldn’t find a video of him instead of just a picture and the sound was just not there for me. Oh well, you have this one and this is exactly what I was lookin’ for. It’s great, and all the tunes after are superb as always my friend . Thanks for posting it my friend! hugs


  3. I played and sang it so many times onstage – Colour My World, from Jimmy Pankow’s Ballet for a Girl in Buchanan off Chicago (II).


    1. I had originally included that, then I thought “Fancy Colours” from III would be better, but when I got done I had almost twenty songs and decided some had to go, and that went because it didn’t have an actual color in the name. I have a bunch


  4. John,

    I enjoyed your “Color Song Titles” playlist. You included some new-to-me tunes such as selections #3, The Green Manalishi, #9 Mood Indigo, & #10 Grey’s Anatomy Theme. Of these three introductions, I loved Ella’s song. She really had a fabulous voice! Her sultry vocals reeled me in a 1940s who-done-it murder film with the scene set in a lounge with an entire suspicious cast sipping drinks and shifting eyes. 🙂 Listening to “Goldfinger” put me in the mood to see a James Bond flick and “The Pink Panther” never fails to make me smile. Peter Sellers was a great Inspector Clouseau! Thanks for sharing the dance floor with the 4M gang, my friend.


      1. Mary knows a woman from England who does a spot-on impression of Shirley Bassey singing that. My favorite is the person I know who can sing it like Anthony Newley, who wrote the song. And there was an episode of “Frasier” where Frasier, Niles and Martin sing it at a bar that’s hilarious…


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