The “My Back Is Killing Me” Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by Pillsbury Fudge Brownie Mix.

Mmmm… brownies!

This has not been one of my better weeks. The knees are getting fixed, but my legs and back are giving me trouble. I’d like to think that this will pass and everything will be back to normal before long, but for now it’s worrisome. I’m popping ibuprofen like Skittles, using a heating pad, having Mary rub me down with Icy Hot, and have even resorted to using the Tylenol 3 (with hydrocodone) that I originally got for my tooth extraction, all of which has given me some, but not total, relief. Anyway, rather than dwell on it, let’s review the week.

Mary Burris from Jingle Jangle Jungle chose this week’s theme: songs with colors in the title. I did my best to choose songs that I hadn’t chosen in any previous color post, and had fun doing it. This week is a freebie, so let’s see what I come up with.

I’ll announce the results of the latest Battle of the Bands, “Battle ‘(Don’t Mess With) My Toot-Toot’: Denise LaSalle vs. John Fogerty,” tomorrow, so if you haven’t voted, be sure to do so soon.

We started the rock & roll portion of The Baby Boom Years with the artist that started it all, Bill Haley and His Comets.

Used some sage words of advice from those Instagram stars, blue Himalayan cats Bonnie & Clyde.

I mused about the true meaning of “free.”

In a super-mashup that combined the Friday 5×2, Mike Golch’s 5 On Friday, and Just Jot It January, I built a playlist of ten songs that had “dark” or “darkness” in the title.

Yesterday’s prompt was to find a word that started with “oc-” and use it to fuel my creativity. I thought of octopus, oculus, and ochre (or ocher, depending on where you live). One I did NOT think of until I had published this was one of my favorite words that not only starts with “oc” but also ends with it: the city of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, about 35 miles west and slightly north of Milwaukee.

And there were a few posts for Just Jot It January we haven’t talked about.

  • Sunday was all about ultimatums, or ultimata if you prefer.
  • The prompt for Monday was justice. Not wanting to write about the usual kind, I wrote about one of my favorite baseball players, David Justice.
  • Tuesday’s prompt was contemplate, and I immediately got the image of Rodin’s famous sculpture of The Thinker, so that and a silly joke about The Thinker were the post.
  • And Thursday’s prompt of revolt led to some reminiscences about the TV show The Life Of Riley, starring William Bendix.

A busy week ahead, with all the regular features plus all the January stuff, and I’ll be updating on my physical condition, which I hope is better by this time next week. Mary still hasn’t started using the air fryer, so if she gets a chance to do so this week (she’s kind of busy with me), I’ll let all of you who wanted to know how it works how things go.

Thanks to J-Dub, Deborah, Eden, Eugenia, Jim, Dan, Mark, Annie (who moved her blog to WordPress this week), Joey, Madam Dreamweaver, Micki, Ritu, Ghost MMNC, Mary, Kimberly, Fandango, Arlee, Kip, Mary B, Debbie D, Uncle Jack, Cathy, Martha, Mike, Stephen, Michele, Cherdo, Marie, Joyce, Trisha, Wendy, Janet, Birgit (whose mother died Tuesday, so keep them in your thoughts and prayers), and everyone who gave me a “like.”

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

10 thoughts on “The “My Back Is Killing Me” Week That Was

  1. Hi John – sincerely hope the pains do ease up for you … and well done for not dwelling on it for a while – take care and all the best for you both … cheers Hilary


  2. Sorry for your pain. sounds just awful.
    I’ve had a flare, part of why I took a Me Day. Can you blame the weather? I always feel better when I can blame the weather. Like hope – “When this low pressure moves on, I’ll feel better… ” “When I’m not tensed-up from drivin on this ice, I’ll feel better… ”
    Nonetheless, I hope next week’s Week That Was finds you far more comfortable.


    1. Unfortunately, the weather has been almost perfect here, so I can’t blame that. I’ve noticed some progress in the last couple of days, though, and I think I’ll be able to take my last appointment for the knees on Monday. If they’ll let me…


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