BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “(Don’t Mess With) My Toot-Toot”

No, I didn’t forget: Here are the results from my last Battle of the Bands, Battle “(Don’t Mess With) My Toot-Toot.”

Denise LaSalle: 3
John Fogerty: 11

As always, congratulations to the winner, John Fogerty, and a pat on the back for the runner-up, Denise LaSalle,.

Next battle will be on February 1. Be sure to tune in then!

7 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “(Don’t Mess With) My Toot-Toot”

  1. Speaking of John Fogerty, have you seen his “Centerfield” on YouTube? Must be old because all of the players are from my teens and early twenties. Pretty good.


    1. I certainly have. I had the album once upon a time, and as far as I know it’s still played at ballparks around the nation as the home team takes the field and warms up before a game. Great song, and the video is fantastic.

      Speaking of videos, here’s one you might not have seen: Luke Appling hitting a home run off Warren Spahn in an old-timer’s game.


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