When All Else Fails… #socs #JusJoJan

… play some music! Five songs with movement in them. The last two, of course, are dance tunes.

Eric Clapton with Jeff Beck, “Shake Your Money Maker”

Fats Domino, “I’m Walkin'”

David Geddes, “Run Joey Run”

Van McCoy, “The Hustle”

Artie Shaw, “Begin The Beguine”

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Linda also brings us Just Jot It January every year. Now here’s Linn Burton for Bert Weinman Ford, 3535 North on Ashland Avenue.

Linn Burton was a Chicago institution, the last of the live commercial pitchmen.

17 thoughts on “When All Else Fails… #socs #JusJoJan

    1. Beck might be the enigma of those three, a remarkably talented musician who’s chosen to stay out of the limelight. You read interviews with him and realize just how much he’s into guitar and playing.

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    1. I was actually kind of stuck for what to write about. I started out writing about my recent movement problems and realized “I really don’t want to go there,” so I went this way instead, and it worked much better.

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      1. I never properly learned the difference though I do recall several of us attempting a line dance version of the Hustle in Jr. High at our annual sock hop. Yep that’s what we called it even then in the 70s … a sock hop. Good memories 🙂


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